Alex Jones Claims Trump Campaign’s Battery Charge Is ‘False Flag’

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Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says the arrest and battery charge of by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, over an attack on a woman reporter, was a “false flag” event by the establishment.

Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a campaign event in Florida was trying to interview Donald Trump. Before she was able to make full contact with the Donald, either verbally, physically, emotionally or even spiritually, she was rudely dispatched out of the way by Lewandowski, who managed to bruise her arm.

The Donald thinks he should not sack his loyal campaign manager with a fresh criminal record, because Fields did not loose her balance and fall to the floor or cry out loud in agony.Donald TrumpThe altercation on March 8 was caught on security cameras leading to the arrest of Lewandowski on assault charges.

Media Matters reports:

Trump Ally Alex Jones Claims Arrest of Trump Campaign Manager on Battery Charge Is a ‘False Flag,’ ‘Frame Job’

ALEX JONES: You talk about a staged event, you talk about a false flag, that’s a frame-up. It’s a frame job. But it’s a way he attacked women, it’s the narrative, like the Bush campaign person that worked for other big Republicans, gets up at the town hall, puts her hands on her hips and goes, “Why are you mean to women? Why do you hate ’em, I don’t like you.” And then it turns out it was all staged. All about manipulating women to go basically vote for Hillary. All about demonizing Donald Trump to women.