All US Military Bases In Europe On High Alert For Possible Terror Attack

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US military bases

All American military bases throughout Europe have been placed on high alert due to a potential terrorist attack against facilities or personnel.

An unnamed official told Fox News: “There is credible intel pointing to an attack against US bases in Europe over the next week or so”.

The official did not elaborate on the nature of the threat, but confirmed that it was not tied to the French elections.

RT According to the source, different installations, including the army garrison in Stuttgart, Germany, which hosts the US European Command, have increased their threat posture to Force Protection ‘Charlie.’ This level applies“when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely.”

A threat level of this kind has not been activated “in at least ten years,” a US official stationed at one of the bases told CNN, adding that it is generally applied when the military faces an “active-reliable threat.”

The US Army operates a system called Force Protection Condition (FPCON), designed “to counter terrorists or other hostile adversaries.” Its threat levels are designated as Normal, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta, with Charlie and Delta being the highest states of alert.

A spokesperson for US European Command Commander Dan Day declined to comment on the exact nature of the threat, saying that the Pentagon is “constantly assessing a variety of factors that play into the safety of the US military community abroad” and takes extra steps to ensure the safety of service members.

“USEUCOM constantly monitors the security environment to ensure its personnel are informed and best postured to assure the safety of their individual person, family, and loved ones. As always, USEUCOM advises personnel in the European theater to remain vigilant and stay alert at all times,” he added, as quoted by CNN.

While the details of what has triggered the alert remain unclear, European authorities have reportedly warned of potential terrorist threats during the ongoing Euro 2024 football championship in Germany and the upcoming Olympic Games in France.

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