Mysterious Monolith Suddenly Appears On Colorado Dairy Farm

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Colorado monolith

A second mysterious monolith has just suddenly appeared….this time in Colorado.

The latest discovery comes just days after a mysterious monolith found near Las Vegas was removed.

Lori Graves, the owner of Morning Fresh Dairy Farm in Bellvue, said she doesn’t know how the 8-foot tall, 4-foot wide, and 8-inch deep shiny structure ended up on her property. 

Fox News reports: Graves said people have been showing up to her business wanting to see the “alien monolith.”

The strange object has created a buzz online – with people speculating that out-of-this-world beings put it there or even perhaps someone is trying to mess with their neighbor who has a proclivity for aliens and conspiracies. 

But in reality, no one seems to know where these things come from. This latest mirrored mystery is certainly not the first, and likely not the last.

Just last week, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said a similar shiny, reflective structure was spotted by its search and rescue unit near Gass Peak.

“We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking, like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… but check this out!” police wrote on X alongside an image of the monolith. 

Officials said the structures found in Las Vegas and Colorado have been compared to a similar structure that was discovered several years ago in Utah.

The Utah monolith was found by state and wildlife employees who were herding sheep from a helicopter back in November 2020. That structure, according to officials, was estimated to be between 10 feet and 12 feet high.

Authorities said at the time that the mysterious object was installed in the ground in a remote area with “no obvious indication” of who might have put it there, according to a press release from the Utah Department of Public Safety.  

Similar monoliths have also been reported in Belgium, Romania and the Isle of Wight – an island in the English Channel.

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