Black Lives Matter Activist Set to Replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

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Black Lives Matter activist mp set to replace Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister

The Conservative party favorite to replace British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a ‘woke’ Black Lives Matter activist.

“76 years ago British , Commonwealth, French and US soldiers landed on the Normandy beaches,” British defense chief Ben Wallace tweeted on Jun 6, 2020. “Thousands died. They did so to end fascism, they did so so that Black lives would matter. Perhaps those protesters who defaced the Cenataph should reflect on that.”

InformationLiberation reports: BLM goons had spraypainted “BLM” on the Cenotaph honoring British and Commonwealth soldiers who died in WW1, WW2 and later wars.

No doubt they felt deep shame after reading Wallace’s powerful words!

I wonder if his idiotic comments helped inspire this meme?

Wallace’s hot take reminds me of how CNN ran an article claiming WW2 was fought so that white people “would never be able to publicly use the n-word again.”

How many soldiers who fought and died in WW2 knew these were the terms?

The Guardian reported Thursday afternoon that Wallace was “emerging as a favourite among Conservative party members” and has become “a bookmakers’ favourite based on polling of party members by ConservativeHome.”

“Wallace told reporters ‘let’s see what the prime minister says’ when asked if he would seek the top job.”

As I said earlier, odds are overwhelming that whoever replaces Johnson is going to be even worse.

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