Alps Plane Crash Update: Pilot Named

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Latest news reports have named the co-pilot of doomed Flight 4U 9525 as Andreas Lubitz.

He’d been working as a pilot for 18 months.

It’s said that the 28-year-old co-pilot – of German nationality – locked the crew, including the other pilot, out of the cockpit and that he may have deliberately crashed the plane, killing all crew and passengers (150 in total) on board.


ITV reports:

Germanwings co-pilot named as Andreas Lubitz

The co-pilot who appeared to want to deliberately destroy the Alps crash Germanwings plane was called Andreas Lubitz, French authorities said.

The prosecutor said Lubitz was 28 years old. He joined Germanwings in September 2013, directly after training, and had flown 630 hours.

Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said the co-pilot was alone at the controls and “intentionally” sent the plane into a doomed descent, after refusing to open the door to the captain.

An official from Lufthansa Airlines – the parent company of Germanwings – has said they are absolutely speechless and deeply shocked by the findings of the French prosecutors.

“Not in our worst nightmare could we imagine something like this happening,” he said.

He also said that Lubitz took a long break in his training, but was declared fit to fly.

He said pilots undergo a number of psychological and medical checks when training ends, though the medical checks are not psychological when the pilot is working. He said the event, where it appears the co-pilot deliberately downed the plane killing everyone on board, is the worst possible scenario they could imagine.

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