American Airlines Pilot Blames FAA Vaccine Mandate for Massive Heart Attack Suffered Mid-Flight

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American Airlines pilot blames FAA vaccine mandates for massive heart attack suffered during commercial flight

American Airlines pilot Bob Snow slammed the Biden administration and Federal Aviation Administration for forcing Covid jabs on pilots while the shots were still under Emergency Use Authorization.

Snow, who believes a massive heart attack he suffered last year was caused by the experimental mRNA jab, criticized the Biden regime during an appearance on Tuesday night’s airing of Tucker Carlson Tonight. reports: In 2022, Snow suffered a heart attack just six minutes after landing a commercial flight loaded with 200 passengers at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

Regarding the medical episode suffered while on the job, Snow told Carlson, “I have had no contact whatsoever from anyone either with the FAA or with the company to query me or to investigate exactly what happened to me in regards to the cardiac arrest that I experienced while I was in the flight deck.”

The major airline pilot said he and his co-workers were “treated as giant guinea pigs” by the FAA and that the government failed “to look after our safety.”

He told Tucker, “I’ve been contacted by pilots that have had issues post-vaccine. I’m well aware of one of my former co-workers who unfortunately passed away as a consequence of receiving the vaccine, and this is something that it’s going to take a long-term investigation to figure out.”

Concluding his interview, the pilot told Americans it will take more time before we truly know what kind of “debilitating issues” will come along with the “foolhardy vaccination program that was forced upon Americans and the worldwide population.”

Infowars featured a video message by Snow in a compilation uploaded to soon after his 2022 heart attack:


  1. This is how it works Recently two helicopters collided mid air here killing the passengers and what ever, but they had a phone in the back seat and apparently the kids in the back could see there was a danger You can see on the footage the kid behind the pilot tapping his arm to get his attention and you could see that the pilot was totally UNRESPONSIVE. Totally unresponsive. As if unconscious or dead.
    But they won’t mention that and now they’ve edited the footage so that you can’t see the pilots complete lack of response at all.Thays what they’re like.

  2. Hire pure blood pilots if you can find any. I won’t be on the first plane to crash into the ground because the pilot was vaccinated. I will drive my diesel truck to promote global warming this winter.

    • I stopped flying when the TSA was formed. This is just another reason to never fly again. There is nowhere that I want to travel to that I can’t drive to get there.

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