American Scientists Warn Bill Gates’ Funding of Mutant COVID Strains Could Result in a New Deadly Pandemic

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American scientists warn Bill Gates funding of mutant COVID strains will lead to a deadly outbreak and pandemic

A top molecular biologist recently exposed senior Gates-funded researchers for creating mutant strains of COVID-19 in secret experiments earlier this year.

Dr. Richard Ebright, a professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers University and laboratory director of the Waksman Institute of Microbiology, slammed the Bill Gates-funded Imperial College‘s research.

“This is insanity, both in terms of the redundancy and waste,” Ebright warned. He argued such research presents a “risk of triggering a new pandemic wave upon accidental or deliberate release of the laboratory-generated viruses.” reports: Ebright, who earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Harvard University, pointed out that this research would not benefit anyone or anything as there are no “foreseeable practical applications,” and the study brings greater risk than gain if there is even any.

The trial, which included 20 researchers and a member of the British government’s advisory panel, was partially funded by taxpayers. In the study conducted in a biosafety level 3 lab, they “infected hamsters with two chimera COVID hybrids,” combining aspects of the original coronavirus strain with parts of the omicron and delta variants.

As per the preprint study’s abstract, the experiment raised “the concerning possibility that future variants” of COVID-19 could have more severe effects than those “seen during omicron infection.”

Ebright was firm that the research is hazardous, despite a university spokesperson claiming that the procedure was safe and adhered to appropriate regulations.

“If the world wishes to avoid new pandemic waves and pandemics caused by lab-generated enhanced potential pandemic pathogens, then it is urgently necessary to restrict senseless high-risk, low-benefit research that creates enhanced potential pandemic pathogens and to implement effective national oversight, with the force of law, on such research,” Ebright said.

Professor Shmuel Shapira, former head of the Israeli government’s Institute for Biological Research, agreed with Ebright and called for an outright stop of research such as Imperial’s, adding that this is like “playing with fire” due to the risk of a laboratory leak.

Chinese documents prove COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan lab

Strong pieces of evidence are coming out recently proving that the original SARS-CoV-2 virus have originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), a Chinese laboratory known to have been conducting research on bat coronaviruses with the partial funding of the U.S. government via nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance.

Toy Reid, an expert in “official speak” used in Chinese government reports, worked on a Senate report supporting the lab-leak theory. He was able to uncover documents that contain hidden warning messages about the WIV incidents in November 2019.

The coded messages within reports from the Chinese lab included cryptic references to a “grave situation,” “hidden dangers” and “severe consequences” and are believed to possibly provide new evidence that the virus leaked from a lab.

Reid based the findings on weekly reports sent to Beijing by the WIV.

The same documents described how Dr. Ji Changzheng, technology safety and security director for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the lab bearing “important oral remarks and written instructions” from Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang.

Nonprofit newsroom Pro Publica and Vanity Fair magazine acquired a copy of the full report, interviewed Reid and submitted his analysis to three independent experts. They fact-checked his work and arrived at the same conclusion.


  1. The Iraq War in 1991 had this, shedding the disease, where the family of the Troops that come home after the War the Troops shed their Gulf War Syndrome diseases on to their families. Saddam Hussein hit the U.S. Troops with bio and and Chemical weapons. That proves it: the Covid 19 is a Biological Weapon designed to kill and maim.

    The Covid vaccinated are a grave threat to the unvaccinated, not only because the vaccinated “shed” the virus, thus spreading the virus to others, but also because the vaccine enables the virus to mutate in order to escape an immune response. The immunity the mutated variant of the virus achieves from the vaccine also gives the virus protection against the innate human immune system. In other words, people who have not damaged their innate immune system by taking the vaccine could now be confronted with a variant that their immune system is less able to repel.
    What Fauci has done by financing the creation of the Covid-19 virus and by walking Big Pharma’s “vaccine” through the emergency use process is to create a Frankenstein virus capable of escaping immune responses.

    How bad for humanity this turns out to be remains to be seen. What we do know is the more people are vaccinated, the worse it will be. All Covid vaccination should be stopped immediately before damage to the immune system makes more people susceptible to illnesses and death.\

    • I haven’t heard that before “virus capable of escaping immune responses”–but it would not surprise me. But how are they protecting themselves???

      • When fukushima was detonated Obama and his “my Michael” and their surrogate girls all took off to the southern hemisphere for 2 weeks. QE2 gave him. Half a billion dollars to help him get elected.

      • Strengthen the immune system & lots of wealthy people use homeopathy. Rockefellers, UK royal family are just 2 of the many. It’s know for curing the “incurable.” During the polio epidemic in Europe, there were 2 doctors who used homeopathy exclusively. Both had 100% preventive & cure rates.

        • Except that it’s come out this isn’t a virus, it is A.I. in at least some of the jabs. It has nano particles. No one yet has seen an electronic micrograph of covid – one of the main proofs of a particular virus existing.

    • The Uranium industry and the nuclear weapons are by products of the Uranium mining magnates.
      Look eugenics is not new It’s documented even bqck in the 1500s that England was running it They started with British Tobacco and Colonial sugar refineries to kill with cancers, fed by sugars.
      The creator of the neutron bomb was given the Vaticans Highest Honour.

    • Recently, it has come out via Karen Kingston that at least some of the jabs arent a virus, it is A.I., it has nano particles. Look it up.

      • Agree with what you say. Saw that what you are saying. This is ultra-sophisticated bio-chemical research that can be readily applied to cancer and heart disease. Do you see that? This is the Crime of All Time.

          • Green Energy for now will work if the world population is reduced by 90%. This statement goes a long way of putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

          • Considering that green energy seems to consist of wind turbines (which don’t work due to being inefficient, also they have killed a heckuva lot of birds) and also electric vehicles, which take up to 9 hours to recharge and have lithium batteries that explode on the street and new batteries cost up to $70,000 – I don’t see green energy being all that workable so far.

          • We need to find and cultivate people like Nikola Tesla, who is reported by some to have an IQ of 360. While Edison was screwing around with DC current Tesla knew AC current was the answer.

  2. It’s what the NWO wants. It’s a feature, not a bug. They want to rid the world of 80% of the population. They aren’t creating these deadly viruses for warfare, country against country. This is war against humanity. WE are the enemy they wish to eradicate.

    • Yes Protestant democratic Americans. Orthodox Russians Greeks Serbian etc and Anglicans and Jews Budhidts Hindus. But this round its you yanks, septic tanks in English rhyming slang. The rest are collateral damage Bonus points.

      • No They want a democracy, any freedom-loving person wants a republic. Democracies is 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner IOW, majority rules. In a republic, which is what the founders envisioned, the individual matters and is protected from tyranny.

    • Quality street Sorry England’s always been known as the Candy Shoppe. Shirley Temples big hit song On the good ship Lollipop
      She was Fox studios Formerly Joseph Kennedies studio, biggest earning star until Marilyn Monroe came along. They murdered her for her life insurance because they were almost bankrupt. Her administrators, set up the Monroe Foundation in London and robbed her corpse like they robbed the Pyramids .

      • Fox studios CEO was sicilian mafia at the time Marilyn was a jewess having converted to marry Arthur Miller. They had 10 million bucks on her head plus insurance on the unfinished film plus they robbed her estate of royalties and in every way robbed her dead body.
        “the people are totally fooled” Marilyn Monroe.

        • 10 million then is about a billion now Really. Not how those fraud bs artists the pc brigade claim to deceive.

          • Eg Holden Ek Sedan 1961 price 2 000 dollars
            Equivalent family car today about 60, 000 dollars but really 4×4 s were nt family cars then And farmers and everyone drove their Holden station wagons then like the drive their Toyota, lamdruisers today and they’re around 120,000 dollars.. Petrol was about 3 pennies a gallon It’s around 8 dollars today. Ciggies were about 6 pennies They’re 80 bucks now. Etc.

  3. Translation: We already have this horrible virus & will soon be unleashing it upon all of you. After all, we must meet our 94% euthanasia rate for humanity.

  4. Just watch Bill Gates and Melinda smirk smile when they say the next pandemic will be better. Those are clearly psychopaths, they all have this disgusting smirk smile when they think about something evil that others suffer, they enjoy thinking they know before you. How can it be that they are not charged, in India how many children died or are paralysed from their crap vaccines. The Gates are the most ugly “people” creatures on the planet. Jail them for crimes against humanity!

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