America’s Biggest Teachers Union To Promote Critical Race Theory in ALL 50 States

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America's largest teachers union to unroll critical race theory across all 50 states in USA

America’s biggest teachers union has announced plans to roll out the far-left “critical race theory” (CRT) across all 50 states in America.

CRT was originally devised by the Obama administration and was used to force federal employees to attend workshops that focus on “white privilege” and “micro-aggressions.”

The racist, anti-white program was then picked up by several large US corporations who began pushing it on their employees in workshops and seminars.

When Donald Trump became President he promptly banned the hateful program from being used by government agencies. reports: Less than 10 months later the Biden regime is pushing this racist theory on government employees and in the classroom.

And recently the nation’s largest teachers union approved implementing the hate-based doctrine in all 50 states and in 14,000 school districts.

The National Education Association voted to promote critical race theory calling it “reasonable and appropriate.”


  1. It is true English people more than ANY other white people perpetuated atrocities across the globe in creating g the British empire But Genghis Khan did similar in Asia , Alexander the Great Napoleon and ubdo6btedly the African King who was at one time one if the richest men on earth. They need to teach the whole truth .But England was the latest and does own trillions around the world ,in Africa North America India China Australia Canada New Zealand in reparations .

  2. more shifting the burden of proof from the cia controllers,…”Prove you’re not a racist”, “Prove you’re not infected with covid”, “Prove masks don’t work”, “Prove i’m not a victim of your racism”, “Prove you’re not a super spreader”…”Prove the virus doesn’t exist”……the onus is on the human who makes the assertion, NOT on the person who is on the receiving end of outrageous claims.

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