Animal Rights Group Say Men Who Eat Meat Should Be Banned From Having Sex

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To help save the planet!

man eating meat

All men who eat meat should be banned from having sex to help save the planet, according to an animal rights group.

The German branch of Peta also claim that eating meat is a symptom of ‘toxic masculinity’ and that men contribute significantly more to the climate crisis than women, mainly because of their meat consumption.

The animla rights group cite research published in the scientific journal PLOS One last year, which found that men emit 41 per cent more greenhouse gases than the female population with their eating habits.

The Mail Online reports: It suggests that women should ‘go on sex strike to save the world’, and even proposes preventing carnivorous men from having children.

‘Who doesn’t know them, the suburban fathers handling beer bottles and barbecue tongs, who sizzle 70-cent sausages on their €700 grill,’ said Daniel Cox, campaigns team leader for Peta Germany.   

‘The zucchini provided by the visitor is viewed with suspicion and tolerated only reluctantly. 

‘The fact that Germany’s “grill masters” believe they have to prove their masculinity to themselves and their peers by consuming meat is not only to the detriment of the animals.

‘Now there’s scientific evidence that toxic masculinity also harms the climate.’

The organisation referred to comments by French Green Party politician Sandrine Rousseau, who ignited controversy last month by branding the outdoor grill a ‘symbol of masculinity’.

‘If you want to resolve the climate crisis, you have to reduce meat consumption, and that’s not going to happen so long as masculinity is constructed around meat,’ the self-declared ‘eco-feminist’ said.

As well as the ban on sex and reproduction, Cox also suggests a hefty meat tax of 41 per cent for men. 

‘After all, every child not born saves 58.6 tons of CO2-equivalent per year,’ he said. 

‘For all fathers who still grill meat and still want children with a future worth living on a livable planet, we recommend changing their lifestyle.’

The call for a sex ban on carnivorous males has caused outrage in Germany, which is famous for its love of bratwurst and schnitzel. 

Best-selling tabloid newspaper Bild printed the story on its front page, branding it a ‘crazy suggestion’.

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