‘Antifa For Biden’ Trucks Circle DNC Convention While Biden Gives Acceptance Speech

Fact checked

A truck emblazoned with loud and proud “Antifa For Biden” signs circled the DNC Convention at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee in the build up to Joe Biden’s formal acceptance speech on Thursday.

Another truck was spotted in Wilmington, Delaware, the town in which Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s basement is located.


The truck also bore “Creepy Joe Biden” signs, along with an image of Joe Biden hovering behind a young girl and touching her face.


Social media users reacted with glee to the apparent troll, passing on their congratulations and blessings to the patriot and offering to buy him a case of beers, not just a round.

That is so awesome! If he ever leaves his basement, they should follow him to whatever town he goes to!” said TrumpVoterInMN.

Oh this is delicious, I saw we buy this man a case of beers not just a round,” said @Thingsareoutofc.

Masterful trolling! God bless that patriot,” said Jennifer.

Susan Dunn Cobb pointed out the general lack of enthusiasm around the low energy DNC Convention.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


    • Antifa’s Militant Queers, Feminist, Jews, and illegal aliens are agents of the Democrat-Neocon establishment.

      The Democrat-Neocon establishment is anti-constitution, pro-diversity supremacy, and anti-free enterprise.

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