April 12th 2015: Countless ‘Chemtrails’ Over UK Skies

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Bit of a personal tale here…

Having noticed a startling number of lines criss-crossing the skies as I left Bristol (UK) at 8am today (April 12), I took a few quick photos on my phone. An hour or so later, I decided to post the photos on Facebook. That’s when I noticed a whole load of other people doing exactly the same. (Photo featured here taken by Julian Napier in London.)

I checked YouTube and discovered that a stack of videos are being put up too.

There are many discussions going on, on social media sites, in homes and in pubs countrywide, and apart from those who dismiss the trails as normal vapour trails from aircraft, people seem to be asking the same question: what the HELL is going on?

Whether you think the cloudy white streams are contrails (i.e. condensation trails from planes) or chemtrails (chemicals being deliberately sprayed), you have to admit that it IS looking a bit weird.

Check out this video to get an idea of what I mean.

Jacqui Deevoy
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