Around 400 Hotels In UK Are Being Used to House Illegal Boat Migrants

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At least 400 hotels in the UK,are being used to house illegal boat migrants at a cost of £7 million pounds per day, it has been revealed.

This is happening while many Brits are struggling with the cost of living crisis.

According to Home Office statistics, 419 different hotels, some of which are luxury four and five star rated, are being used to accommodate the alleged asylum seekers, most of whom are economic migrants

Summit News reports: Nigel Farage responded to the revelation by remarking, “It is out of control, there are very very few towns now unaffected by this.”

Areas around the hotels have been plagued by criminality, anti-social behaviour and sexual assaults.

A 37-year-old woman in Standish was raped by a migrant staying at a nearby hotel, while other migrants from the hotel were caught filming PE lessons at a local school and sexually harassing teenage girls as they walked home.

The revelation that the number of hotels has surpassed the 400 mark is sure to stoke more anger, given that many Brits continue to suffer through a cost of living crisis.

While they make the difficult choice between heating and eating this winter, illegal economic migrants are being kept cozy and warm in comfortable hotel accommodation at taxpayer expense, in some cases in prime tourist areas.

People who booked the hotels months in advance are also having their wedding plans ruined after receiving phone calls from the hotel to immediately cancel their bookings.

As we previously highlighted, the UK government has arrested just 0.3 per cent of illegal boat migrants despite passing a law that makes it a crime to arrive in the UK without proper permission.

Almost 50,000 boat migrants have arrived this year alone, nearly half of whom are scammers from Albania, a country at peace.

Could there be something even more sinsiter at play?

According to John O’Looney, Black Watch troops are training Albanian troops to use in next lockdown against us.


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