“As Long As Not Everybody Is Vaccinated, Nobody Will Be Safe” Says Globalist Klaus Schwab

Fact checked
Klaus Schwab

Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Professor Klaus Schwab has declared that “nobody will be safe until everybody is vaccinated” against Covid-19

Schwab, the globalist behind ‘The Great Reset’ was speaking at this year’s Davos Agenda.

He plans on using the pandemic to usher in a new era where the global elite retain total control over humanity.



  1. What load of it .As if anyones safe with the mob running tbe world today. Is there a vqccine against their plague of greed and deceit makes as caring and sharing or what other options do we have .Although seriously I do agree with a few points they make ,BUT I know that’s how they work How they INCORPORATE

    • The communists who own or control 99% of the world are already there But they’re afraid, naturally ,of coming out yet because of the numbers and how easily the military and police could join the people That’s their only real problem So they have to control news and information and their IMAGE ..

  2. Globalist = communist ” you vill own nothing and you vill be happy ” in 1973 our head of science told us that 95 % of the world was owned or controlled by 5 % of the population. Owned meant legally owned ,not fictitiously ” owned ” by debt currency of fiat value .Only an Alloidal Title is ownership of land .Not a mortgage or transfer of title slip .Anyway now its said that 99% is owned or controlled by 1 % .That’s the communist shadow government that the swamp serves and that media protect They will own nothing and be happy .There descendants really will own the trillions of dollars of accumulated debt that is accrued unless they become effectively bankrupt with no rights to own anything without paying the creditors first .Its the system they devised by rigging economics to teach economists that debt deficit budgets were the best thing and a balanced budget was just stupid Etc etc Rhats why they control education information mews and entertainment .Own or control . What’s really in the vaccine they’re so determined to roll out in time for 5g ??? .

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