At Least 60 Killed In Shootings & Explosions In Paris, France

Fact checked

The police and French media are reporting that at least 60 people have been killed inseveral attacks across Paris this evening

Local media have reported that at least 18 people were killed in shooting at Cambodian restaurant in Central Paris after a gunman opened fired with a kalashnikov.

There was a second shooting several minutes later near Bataclan, a theatre at the 50 Boulevard Voltaire in the 11th department of Paris. Police have urged everyone near the Voltaire boulevard to stay inside.

Police officials have also said there were explosions near the Stade de France stadium where a France-Germany football match was taking place.

Police have confirmed an ongoing hostage situation at a rock concert at the Bataclan theatre in the 11th arrondissement, as media also reports on a shooting several explosions occuring outside a restaurant nearby, not far from the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices

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