At Least 15 Dead After Suicide Bombers Attack Kano Market In Nigeria

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suicide bombers

Two female suicide bombers are reported to be behind two explosions at a mobile phone market in Niegria’s main city, Kano .

Two huge explosions were reported with witnesses saying the blasts went off just after 1500 GMT

Police have said that 15 have been killed, though the death toll continues to rise. At least 50 have been wounded.

This comes just one day after a blast at a market in the city of Yola left 32 people dead and 80 others injured

The BBC reports:

At least five people, including two female suicide bombers, have died in blasts at the mobile phone market in Kano, police in the northern Nigerian city say.

Police commissioner Muhammad Musa Katsina said another eight survivors were receiving treatment.

At least four other female suspects are being sought in connection with the attack, he said.

Security forces fired warning shots as a deterrent for people to stay back from the scene of the blasts that have struck a mobile phone market in Nigeria’s Kano city, witnesses told the AFP news agency.

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