Australian Schools Help Students Swap Genders Without Parents Consent

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Australian schools change students gender without parents consent

Schools across Australia are rolling out a controversial new scheme that will allow teachers to help children switch genders without their parents permission. 

Around 300 schools have signed up to the “Safer Schools” policy that allow children as young as six to switch genders, even if their parents disagree. reports: It includes a section which notes that they do not consider parental consent to be a necessary ingredient if children want to transition.

The guide says: “It may be possible to consider a student a mature minor and able to make decisions without parental consent.”

It does not specify at what age this could be appropriate.

The document goes on to suggest possible actions to take, including changing their gender in school records, altering their pronouns in the classroom, altering their uniforms and moving them to different groups in sports teams and on school camps to suit their preferred identity.

At least 290 schools have signed up to the document, more than 95 of which are primary schools educating the country’s youngest school-goers.

In recent years Victoria has established itself as a hotbed of gender politics in schools.

Heat Street has previously reported on a state-funded booklet, “OMG I’m Trans”, handed out to schoolchildren to encourage them to have transition surgery.

The booklet explains that gender is “a little piece of paper” and entirely arbitrary, then walks them through the availability of hormone therapy and surgery.

Victorian authorities have even extended their teaching of gender politics into pre-school.

As Heat Street reported six weeks ago, Victoria is rolling out a training program for pre-school teachers aimed at rooting out sexist behavior in kids as young as four.

The multi-million-dollar project aims to equip teachers with “anti-bias approaches” to stop kids who “enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes” in class, alongside making sure they can read and count.

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