Barbra Streisand To Quit US If Hillary Isn’t Elected President

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Barbra Streisand has threatened to leave the US if Trump is elected President

American singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker Barbra Streisand has threatened to leave America permanently unless Hillary Clinton is elected President. 

The superstar told Australian broadcaster Michael Usher that if Trump is elected she will be moving to either Canada or Australia. reports:

In an interview on 60 Minutes with Australia-based correspondent Michael Usher, Streisand said that if Trump is elected, “I’m either coming to your country if you’ll let me in, or Canada.”

Streisand, who is an ardent Democrat, said she is very worried about the election.

“I don’t take anything for granted. I want Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States. But there is still a lot of sexism, and ‘A woman being president?’ you know, and making fun of her, the way [Donald Trump] insults her right and left, and has no facts.”

Acknowledging that Trump’s campaign has led to an increased level of tension and division within the country, Streisand said she thought it was due to Trump “saying things that probably a lot of people have thought but have never said.”

She compared the situation to “a blister that has to pop,” hoping that Americans can get it out of their system and then “get back to sanity.”

Streisand has been one of the top celebrities backing Clinton. Earlier this year she wrote an article in The Huffington Post demanding to know “why even a woman as impressive as Hillary Clinton is judged not by her merits and extensive resume alone, but held to a pernicious double standard?”

And Breitbart reports that Streisand is scheduled to host a LGBT for Hillary fundraiser in New York next month, with tickets selling as high as $250,000.

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