Beauty Therapist Refuses To Treat Anyone Who Has Been Vaccinated Against Covid

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A beauty therapist in Glasgow has announced that she will not be offering treatments to anyone has received a Covid vaccination because she wants her clients to ‘feel safe’

Sarah McCutcheon caused a stir when she said she would not administer treatments to the vaccinated even though the vast number of adults having already had their first jab.

The Mirror reports: Sarah McCutcheon, who runs Wellness and Wellbeing With Sarah, took to her business’ Facebook page, where she announced: “We will not conduct treatments on any vaccinated person.”

On Instagram, Sarah shared another post, from a salon in Australia, which read, “We are not your hairdresser if you have had the Covid vax.” Alongside the post, she added: “We agree and will not conduct massages or treatments on any vaccinated people.”

When questioned by a follower over why she had chosen to take this stance with her business, Sarah explained: “Many of my loyal long term clients follow a very natural path and I want to ensure they feel safe in the environment that they come to relax in.

“There is no long-term data to secure us at this moment in time, there are too many related illnesses, they are experimental vaccines and have caused many injury!”

However, the national beauty trade body has spoken out about businesses taking this stance, by pointing out that it goes against government policy implemented to keep customers safe from the ongoing pandemic.


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  2. Good for this young woman who is looking out for her clients & herself. I would do the same thing.

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