Beheader Of 12-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Killed By Syrian Special Forces

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Palestinian boy
Syrian Special Forces have sought out and killed the terrorist responsible for beheading a 12-year-old Palestinian boy in Northern Aleppo on Wednesday.

12-year-old Abdallah Issa, was arrested, tortured and killed by Islamist militants fighting for the Turkish-backed Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement.

Syrian commandos have been hunting the “moderate rebel” takfiri head chopper since Wednesday and killed him during a raid in the Northern farms of Aleppo city on Saturday.

Palestinian boy Fars news reports:

“The Syrian Army troops, tipped off by intelligence agents, found out the hideout of a group of Nouralddeen al-Zinki movement in al-Malaah region and stormed their position, killing several terrorists, including the man who decapitated the Palestinian boy,” the sources said.

A video showed on Wednesday that Nouralddeen al-Zinki Movement, named by the US as a moderate group, arrested, tortured and severely executed a very young boy on charges of cooperating with the Syrian government forces.

A video released by militants near Handarat refugee camp showed that the terrorists of Nouralddeen al-Zinki tortured a kid on charges of assisting Syrian soldiers and beheaded him in front of the people over a truck.

Nouralddeen al-Zinki is affiliated to the Free Syrian Army which receives US financial supports as a moderate group.

The Takfiri group has been using US-made TOW anti-tank missiles in Aleppo battlefields.






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