Biden Accused of Operating ‘World’s Largest Child Smuggling Ring’

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Creepy Joe Biden’s college roommate has revealed the future Vice President used to tell his college friends that he had to “clean the hosepipe” before he hung out with children, otherwise he "wouldn't be able to keep his hands off them."

Joe Biden’s open borders agenda is responsible for operating the “world’s largest child smuggling operation,” with the Democrat agenda responsible for more than a quarter million illegal alien children entering the United States since 2020.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden has a predilection for children. The nation has repeatedly cringed as he fondles, sniffs, and gropes young children on camera, the Washington Post dubbed him “Ol’ Creepy Joe” in 2016, and his own son calls him “Pedo Peter” behind his back. It’s also no secret that on Biden’s first day in office, he created a crisis at America’s southern border by canceling the security measures installed by President Trump, the Remain in Mexico policy, the border wall construction and more.

Since then, an estimated five million illegal aliens have breached the border and come into the United States.

But the problem is bigger than that, according to Stephen Miller, who served as the architect of Trump’s border strategy.

The open borders agenda has made Biden the operator of “the largest child smuggling operation our world has ever seen.”

The remarks were revealed in Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets column at the Washington Examiner.

WND report Miller pointed out that Biden’s “open-borders agenda” already has moved more than “250,000 illegal migrant minors in cities around the nation.”

The Examiner’s report noted 257,110 migrant children have been sent to “sponsors,” some of whom may be unvetted, since Biden took office.

Biden has, the column notes, “encouraged the border invasion and blown open the doors for potential child abuse.’

Miller said, “These astronomical numbers defy any historical comparison. So overwhelmingly are the prior records exceeded that there is no reference point. Biden, with the unflinching aid of 50 Senate Democrats, is running the largest child smuggling operation our world has ever seen.”

He added, to Secrets, “Joe Biden’s decision to resettle all unaccompanied illegal minors from beyond Mexico in the United States, and to place them with unvetted adult sponsors, makes him and his party in Congress responsible for the largest child smuggling epidemic in human history. It has enriched virtually every major child smuggler in the hemisphere and far beyond. It has filled the ranks of MS-13. It has created a monstrous industry of vast global reach. And it has made America’s border into the world’s epicenter of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and modern-day slavery.”

The report confirmed that have been cases “of the younger migrants turning up in sex and crime rings.’

Rudy Karisch, a former senior Border Patrol agent, explained to Bedard, “Here’s the problem that this administration is not even realizing — they’re creating the next generation of DACA. We have not even figured out what we’re going to do with the previous generation, and they’re creating the next generation.”

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