Biden Campaign Refused To Drug Test The President Before Debate With Trump

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The Biden campaign has refused to commit to having Joe Biden undergo a drug test before the debate with former President Donald Trump.

Trump had called for Biden, who’s been hunkered down at Camp David all week, to undergo a drug test before the presidential debate.

InfoWars reports: Biden campaign spokesman Adrienne Elrod on CNN Tuesday refused to entertain the notion of Sleepy Joe taking a drug test before the presidential election.

“Former President Trump asking President Biden for a drug test going into Thursday night. What’s your reaction?” CNN anchor Boris Sanchez asked her.

“I don’t even really know what to say about that,” Elrod responded. “I worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. You know, she also debated him very effectively. He accused her of being on drugs.”

This comes a day after Elrod claimed Biden will be “very energized” at the much-anticipated debate in Atlanta.

Biden has been hunkered down at Camp David since Saturday and his White House schedule was wiped for the week so he could reportedly “prep” for his debate against Trump.

Trump on Monday called for Biden to take a drug test for the debate and pledged he would take one too if Biden agreed.

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