Farmers Warn Millions of Chickens Have Been Poisoned as Part of Globalist ‘Food Crisis’ Plot

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Chicken farmers warn of plot to poison animal food supply as part of food shortage agenda by the globalist elite

Chicken farmers across America have taken to social media to warn that chicken feed is being intentionally poisoned as part of a globalist plot to manufacture a worldwide famine.

In numerous viral videos, farmers documented their hens’ laying output abruptly stopped sometime last year.

The farmers all unanimously conclude their commercial chicken feed is to blame for their hens’ decreased output.

Bill Gates Becomes Biggest Owner of Farmland In US, ‘Food Shortages’ For Humanity … reports:

Check out videos from farmers below all documenting the same phenomenon, with some naming the brands they suspect to be responsible:

On Facebook, one farmer noted:

“I have called multiple farms that sell chickens and they are telling me that their chickens have stopped laying eggs and therefore they do not have any for sale. I looked into it a little further and apparently they are putting something in the feed to stop them from being able to lay eggs!”

An urban farmer documented his experiment switching feed on TikTok, coming to the conclusion that his feed was the reason his chickens weren’t laying.

Taking the conspiracy one step further, one researcher claimed the feed could be contaminated with the same experimental RNA technology in Covid vaccines, backing up his theory with screenshots of various studies about RNA experimentation in the food supply.

Others pushed back against the claims, saying the egg drama is being blown out of proportion on social media.

The distressing news comes as an egg shortage crisis has hit supermarkets across the US, forcing prices to skyrocket for consumers as manufacturers and the USDA have blamed an avian flu for decimating livestock numbers.


  1. That’s odd because I have had 2 chicken, silver wine dots, which are 10 years old and last year they both just stopped laying for months. I don’t give them commercial chicken feed but was getting them commercial bird seed for the first time in their lives when they stopped laying. I stopped buying that seed and they started laying again.

  2. Protocols of Zion: Protocol X – Preparing for Power . . . ❝…utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the GOYÌM see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and all else.❞ http : // www . renegadetribune . com/protocols-of-zion-protocol-x-preparing-for-power/

  3. this sounds like what the central bankers would do to us. so much for the USDA and FDA looking out for us. I actually commented in ZH that the bird flu was actually a feed poison and not a virus.
    If they will poison our children with vaccines, they will easily poison our chickens.

  4. The long haired hippie is correct. he is smart and God is talking to him, revealing. This was actually revealed to me two weeks ago also.

  5. Jews are infamous throughout history of poisoning wells and food. These people must be caged forever, they will never change!

  6. The cry of doom and gloom from the inner cities and the urban mini farms stuck in a rut with no hope or solutions other than total compliance to the central government in exchange for the food and comfort it chooses to offer the compliant.

    Agriculture is not rocket science until the corporate farm owners choose to make it so, and creating shortages is what corporations find very profitable. Independent farmers has become a thing of the past but it can easily become the future. The taste of chicken pork and beef may be normal to those who never raised their own, but growing up on a farm, raising our own dairy and beef cattle and poultry as well as raising our own crops to feed our animals, the difference is obvious. The central government decided that it needed to protect us from ourselves and put controlling regulations on all agriculture. You cannot buy unpasteurized milk from a farmer with its natural cream content to make your own butter cheese and other dairy products, you cannot buy beef poultry or pork from a local farm without the department of agriculture controlling the process.

    But I do know farm fed people are healthier, stronger and less likely to be sick all the time, even in harsh weather because their food isn’t full of growth hormones and a long list of other chemicals, just natural food from healthy animals.

    You can easily find out yourself by buying a few chicks and raising them with unaltered grain with the proper necessary ingredients and process them yourself to notice the difference in corporation raised and farm raised meats and vegetables. It will be worth the experience of eating healthy foods.

    • Apparently you did not hear the other farmers who said that they changed their chickens food and they started laying again, why do people not read and watch all the videos attached, that is what most of them are saying, it’s obviously the chicken feed. Why are people so scared of the truth, is it because then we would have to admit that something is very wrong and we can’t ignore it and if we want to continue on living and thriving , we have to do something about it.

  7. It is what they do in the poor nations especially CHINA.
    To make more money they add what looks like the food, to some of the food.
    They did it to powdered milk in China, to the rice, they add plastic imitation rice.
    Anything for money. Whatever is sourced from China and India are the worst.
    It goes for spices with heavy metals added fro weight and medications as well.
    When people lived like the native Americans lived, there was no need for money, they all were fed and lived well and the earth was a paradise and clean, they were families and the land belonged to them and gave its abundance according to their Love of one another and God.
    When the money system of Lucifer entered upon the earth, everything of God was destroyed in every nation it entered and it became the very rich who hoarded more than they could even use and the poor who suffer in misery and lack of basic necessities of life. That is demonic.
    That is when the earth became filthy and barren, because people do not love one another of God, they love themselves and MONEY.
    Unless you get rid of the money system forever, you will end your time on earth to evolve higher.
    You will spend eternity in Hell devolving LOWER.
    The fact that that is not even an option for you is the coming end of all life on this earth.

  8. our birds are having no problems we switched to horse feed for them months ago cause its simply cheaper

  9. Well, duh!?
    All this was in the Bible 2000 years ago!
    We who have BRAINS are not surprised!
    Global Jewish Nazism = The End Times!
    Keep on licking Jew anus!

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