Doctor Who Warned Public About Vaccine Dangers Found Dead

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Doctor who warned public of vaccine dangers found murdered

A doctor who warned members of the public about the dangers of vaccines has been found dead under suspicious circumstances, in a woodland area near his home.

The body of Dr. Peter Cianfrani was discovered by police search teams on Wednesday, just off the Perkiomen Trail in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The cause of death is still unknown, although officials claim his death is most-likely a suicide.

Dr. Cianfrani was a trusted family doctor who worked in Montgomery County as a medical practitioner for years.

One patient said she knew Dr. Cianfrani was “one of the good guys” after he warned her that the flu shot “was dangerous.”

According to Neon Nettle, one former patient said:

“Peter was my doctor for many years. He was a fantastic Dr. and better friend to so many folks. People will be shocked and heartbroken. RIP Doc and bless your family.”

Another well-wisher said that no other doctor could compare, saying:

“Seriously, do not bring up the other doctor in the realm with Dr. Cianfrani, it’s reprehensible.”

One patient described him as “one of the good guys” saying:

“He warned my family that flu shots were dangerous and that we should avoid them when we first started seeing him. I knew then he was one of the good guys. Such sad news.”

A nurse that worked alongside Dr. Cianfrani said:

“I loved him…he was my doctor for 20 yrs, always charming and caring. My heart goes out to his family and the staff at Pennsburg Family Practice, many of them have been with him for years too.”

NBC reports: Cianfrani was reported missing by his family Tuesday at 8:19 p.m. Police found his SUV later that night parked at the Crusher Road entrance to the Perkiomen Trail. His body was found about a half a mile away from his vehicle.

Cianfrani had been a doctor more than 40 years and worked with Pennsburg Family Practice on Geryville Pike in the small northwest Montgomery County borough.

According to an online biography, Cianfrani graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1974, and he was affiliated with Saint Luke’s Quakertown Hospital, Pottstown Memorial Medical Center and Grand View Hospital.


    • He was our family doctor and he did recommended vaccines to us. My husband just got his tetanus and flu vaccine this last physical. This is a lie.

      • I would recommend you do some intensive research on this issue. They are killing people who speak out and have been doing for many years. Look at all the murders surrounding the Clinton family and nothing is ever done, same thing here. They are the one and the same people! What on earth does it take to convince people like yourself? Oh they wouldn’t do that! would they? Wake up woman for your sake and your families sake.

        • Incidently, I am a Type 1 Diabetic and 30 years of controlling this condition, I have never ever had a Flu Jab in my life. Guess what? I have never ever had Flu, but to all my friends who decided to have the jab, get Flu year on year.

          • Your lucky. I never had the flu shot because I never had the flu until it almost killed me. I worked with the public so I got it once since then very mild. I think you are exaggerating.

        • I just said he did give my husband vaccines. If you use this as an example then I know for a fact your beliefs are based on lies. He was not anti vaccinations. They are investigating his death as they always do.


    • He was our family doctor and he did recommended vaccines to us. My husband just got his tetanus and flu vaccine this last physical. The article is not true.

    • Oh my god you are psycho. I just told you he vaccinated my husband but you insist he was murdered for being and anti vaccines. This website is lying and you are using it as ammo. Your ideas are based on lies.

  2. He has been our family doctor for 12 years and he did recommended vaccines to us. My husband just got his tetanus and flu vaccine this last physical.

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