Lord Rothschild: Trump Is Threatening To Destroy The New World Order

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Lord Rothschild says Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World Order

Lord Rothschild has warned that President Donald Trump threatens to destroy the New World Order and “must be stopped at all costs.” 

Rothschild family-owned magazine, The Economist, branded Trump a “present danger” to the “New World Order” and admitted that the globalist elitists that formed it are “spinning in their graves.”

“Perhaps the greatest danger at present is the incumbency of an American president who despises international norms, who disparages free trade and who continually flirts with abandoning America’s essential role in maintaining the global legal order,” writes The Economist.

Infowars.com reports:  Despite listing off legitimate threats like jihadism and terrorism, Communist Chinese expansion, and North Korean hostility, an article published by The Economist names Trump as the biggest threat to the “liberal” New World Order.

“Perhaps the greatest danger at present is the incumbency of an American president who despises international norms, who disparages free trade and who continually flirts with abandoning America’s essential role in maintaining the global legal order,” writes The Economist.

The globalist outlet refers to a book titled “The Internationalists,” to explain the origins of the “liberal international order” as a move to “make the waging of aggressive war illegal,” which is why it must be “defended like never before.”

“The rules-based international order that emerged from the wreckage of the second world war was a huge improvement on any preceding era,” states the article.

“Yet liberal internationalism is now under attack from many sides. Donald Trump’s America First doctrine explicitly repudiates it.”

The Economist describes how the Trump administration views the world stage, citing a piece written by two of Trump’s advisors in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

“The world is not a ‘global community’ but an arena where nations, non-governmental actors and businesses engage and compete for advantage,” H.R. McMaster and Gary Cohn wrote. “We bring to this forum unmatched military, political, economic, cultural and moral strength. Rather than deny this elemental nature of international affairs, we embrace it.”

The Economist then makes the strange assertion that, despite being directly responsible for numerous wars and destabilizing coup attempts around the world, the New World Order is “better than any of the alternatives.”

“Of course there are still plenty of wars,” it states. “In some ways the New World Order, which has helped make international wars so much less imaginable, has inadvertently made possible more ‘intranational’ wars.”

“Fragile and fractious countries that would previously have feared being conquered by more powerful neighbours can now fall prey to civil wars or brutal insurgencies without bad actors fearing loss of the national territory they seek to control. Non-state groups, such as Islamic State (a misnomer), can take and hold, at least for a while, territory from dysfunctional governments. Well-meaning but ill-conceived wars to change odious regimes have sometimes gone badly wrong.”

The magazine concludes by saying that the NWO architects of the past “must be spinning in their graves” considering how far Trump has already come and that he must be removed from office to preserve the New World Order.



  1. Bring it on PRESIDENt Trump bring the scum to their knees why are we all allowing these peodiphle scum to remain free and destroy our world come on people rise up against this filth

  2. ” Usury- A Cancer To Humanity- The International Banking System seeks to unite the World under a suffocating blanket of usury that diverts all of the Worlds cash flow into the hands of the monetary controllers. This is what Globalism and The New World Order are all about-World Wide Slavery to materialism and money. It’s a system of totalitarian control based on Violence, Greed and Deceit, developed by Psychopaths that also uses mind tools like Entertainment, Drugs and Pornography to corrupt, exhaust and control the population. The financial system is even more insidious than outright military aggression, but it is just as deadly. “Full spectrum superiority of International Finance is leading to massive species extinction, drastic climate change, and a threat to the survival of Humanity itself.” Richard C. Cook

  3. The stars on the American flag will soon be the star of David. Trump is so in love with Israel. A new USA military base in Israel.Israel/Mossad/ along with USA/CIA coordinated the 9/11 event to create a “WAR ON TERROR” . Now any invasion/occupation or military action can be carried out without the declaration of war. Pay attention to what is really going on folks. This article proves the distraction/misinformation. The PNAC/NWO is being carried out. What is the word? subversion? When they mention peace and security, get ready for a false flag event. Peace is breaking out in Syria. What does the USA do? Bomb the Syrian government and send in boots on the ground. When will Israel be held accountable for their 66 UN violations and genocide of Palestinians? And illegal occupation?

  4. Age-old Master-Serf tyranny. Not actually “new,” but even more enslaving.
    Brought to you by the last 5 American Presidents, and specialty of…The Snake-Oil Salesman himself.

  5. The New World Order (NWO) must be stopped in order for the United States to survive. It’s not a condition of almost but rather a fact of life.
    The NWO has at its core the desire to control the entire world. Even Russia knows that this can not be allowed too stand as she and ALL solverein nation’s will be destroyed if the NWO comes to full desire.

  6. A very large portion of the ‘New World Order’ needs to be taken down/removed from all power and authority! It is a self serving conspiracy leaving only poverty for non-insiders! BEGIN WITH SOROS! He needs to BE REMOVED!

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