The Pope Hosts Meeting With Bill Clinton & Alex Soros

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Bill Clinton Pope Francis

Pope Francis met with former US President Bill Clinton in a private audience at his Casa Santa Marta papal residence on Wednesday.

Clinton’s delegation included Alex Soros of the Open Society Foundations.

InfoWars reports: The Pope and Clinton traded gifts with Pope Francis giving the former president a statue of a woman holding a dove, allegedly representing “a work for peace.”

Clinton’s gift to Pope Francis was a tray with the United States seal on it along with a personal note.

As The Gateway Pundit notes, this meeting took place a week after the Pope welcomed photographer Andres Serrano to the Vatican.

Serrano created a controversial piece of “art” called, “Piss Christ,” where he dunked a model Jesus Christ on the crucifix in his own urine.

This elitist gathering simply provides more proof of a global cabal secretly making decisions that shape our world.

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