Biden’s DHS: You Are Now Officially a ‘Terror Threat’ If You ‘Undermine Trust’ In Government

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As of Monday this week, you are now officially a "terrorism threat" if you share "misleading narratives" that "sow discord" or undermine trust in US government institutions.

As of Monday this week, you are now officially a “terrorism threat” if you share “misleading narratives” that “sow discord” or undermine trust in US government institutions.

Spoiler alert: anything that counters the Biden government narrative will be considered “misinformation.” Under this tyrannical order issued by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, anyone criticizing the government could be classified as a terrorist.

According to the DHS national bulletin, the spread of “conspiracy theories” and “disinformation” is fueling the “heightened threat” environment in the United States. Anyone spreading “mis- dis- and mal-information” that promotes distrust in US government institutions will be considered a terrorist.

You can read the full dystopian bulletin here.

Since when is it an act of terrorism to question your government? It should be your duty as a citizen to question your government. Isn’t this what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they gave us the gift of the Constitution?

Not according to the Biden administration. According to the censorious Democrats in power, free thinkers and critics must be shut down and eliminated through censorship and criminal action. Orwell just rolled over in his grave.

Should we be surprised? We are dealing with an illegitimate regime that had to commit fraud to seize power. It should be no surprise they will default to tyrannical communist decrees like this.

If you want to see the future of the United States under Democrat rule, ask a Chinese person what its like living under the Chinese Communist Party.

They only care about people who are shaping public discourse. Undoing their hard work makes you a terrorist to their agenda. This latest DHS update is boot stomping on a human face. It is un-American, unconstitutional and must not be allowed to stand.

The National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) bulletin is the main way the DHS informs the public about changes to the terror environment in the US. The last bulletin, issued in November, was set to expire this week.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


    • Corporate Law which reigns over every corporation public and private has made fascism the new world law and order And every government of every nation on earth is a corporation And the Pope is their Authority. Including every private corporation And despite where they are located, if they’re in China or Japan or Africa or India if they’re hindu or Buddhist or Anglican or Baptists atheist or luciferians They’re all subjects of the Pope. That’s GLOBALISM.

    • The world is ruled by the Pope as the “moral authority for rule of law” Thanks tobIba bring ordered to declare by his Catholic hamdlers. Every government on earth is SUBJECT to Corporate law was registered corporations That’s where fascism comes from The rule of law.

    • Look I’ve pointed this out a million times, as has thousands of others all over the place fir centuries now, the constitution was signed by the same parties for both America and England’s side s That’s illegal You’ve never ever had a legal constitution Nor has Australia because the final signature Required to ratify the document has never been received. And they, all the lawyers have kept their cake holes shut. Deceit by OMMISSIONS.

      • But you did have fed trade laws but after reagan broke the unions and sent our GNP to china we have a lower standard of living which in turn makes any kind of life impossible when our standard of living is good we don`t fight the MAN much

    • You must enforce fed trade laws and kick out the lobbyist1% before you have the right to even eat as the internationists have control not our puppets

  1. So that traitor bidens govt is admitting they are a terror threat to America? Biden with all his lies is the one who has undermined trust in the govt. “If you take the covid shot you cannot catch the virus!” WHO SAID THAT? JOE BIDEN AND IT IS A LIE. “we only left about a thousand Americans in Afghanistan” WHO SAID THAT? JOE BIDEN AND IT IS A LIE. “There will be no mandate for the covid shot? WHO SAID THAT? JOE BIDEN AND THAT IS A LIE. When the second amendment was written you could not own a cannon. WHO SAID THAT? JOE BIDEN AND THAT IS A LIE. What ever happened to Hunters laptop? What ever became of Hunter lying on a form to illegally purchase a firearm? “There is no crisis at the southern border” WHO SAID THAT? JOE BIDEN AND IT IS A LIE. HOW COME WE DON’T HEAR ABOUT THAT? NADA. NOTHING. ZILCH. IT IS AS THOSE THINGS WERE NEVER SAID OR NEVER HAPPENED. THE BIDEN FAMILY IS THE MOST CRIMINAL CROOKED CORRUPT FAMILY TO EVER INHABIT THE WHITE HOUSE, BIDEN IS A FULL BLOWN TRAITOR AND THERE IS DOUBT ABOUT IT. THESE ARE JUST THE THINGS THAT COME TO MIND, IF I ACTUALLY LOOKED I COULD FIND MANY MORE.

  2. He’s a Catholic as is his administration Anyone who threatens the Vatican is now a terrorist That’s what his presidency has made of democracy. Threats to his admon are threats to the Vatican.

  3. “they in there hate Jesus and Christians” Pope Emeritus Benedict after his forced resignation describing, what they call “ratting” on them, the Vatican. Ratting to them means telling the truth about them. “they hate truth and beuty” Benedict also “ratted”. That’s Biden leader.

  4. come and get me, I am a terror threat. Our government is incompetent, corrupt, and dangerous to its citizens, under no circumstances should you believe anything they tell you.

    • SINclair which own and control this site and 99% of our national media is part of the common wealth it is the briity invasion on our GNP since the beatles they are the LOBBY who pulls the strings of our puppet goverment just as they set up puppet goverments around the world same old same old brittys trying to rule the world

    • there are a few who don`t take the dime and who are fighting for america still BUT I have seen even governators sell out their wifes of 30 years and marry into the hollywood power club of invited members ONLY

  5. You can bet, just as Australia’s religious discrimination Bill was passed into law overnight under cover of darkness, similar legislation has been enacted in Congress just as quietly too, which forms the basis now for their discrimination of any enemy of Catholic governance to be labelled as terrorists or enemies of the Catholic State.
    “the greatest threats to Americas democracy shall come from Pope’s and Prince’s” George Washington Too late now The revolutions over The spoils go to the Victor.

    • Well you ll never guess Somehow now the earlier stories announcing its passing last night have been “retracted and as of just a few minutes ago the Bills been shelved and the government won’t be discussing it and have nil interest in it anymore!!!
      There is a God.!

      • And so today the Catholic owned media s are declaring the government a train wreck for not passing the Bill They just whispered about it before but now its been shelved suddenly its MAJOR news.

  6. When the upcoming SHTF war between the percentage of the population that demand to live in freedom with dignity, and the totalitarian government forces, is settled, and if the guerilla freedom fighters emerge victorious, many and earmarked politicians will be Fed Alive To Hogs. Take a guess on who may be in the head-of-the-line?

  7. The only thing thing more embarrassing than the existence of this regime — is that many in the military and police are still blindly following it’s diktats.

    I thought we had nationally lost our minds when we had a national “Rapist-n-Chief”. Then I thought we hit absolute bottom with the “Shrub”. Just when we thought it could not get any worse, we had a dead-cat-bounce when we had the undocumented “president” and his drag-queen boyfriend. This was followed by a do-nothing swamp critter that could talk-the-talk, but could not walk-the-walk.

    In 2021, we cratered. Now we have this ….. this ….. drooling, obviously insane mental patient in the White House that’s doing his best to destroy this country and take us to war.

    You can put me down as an enthusiastic supporter of “Let’s go Brandon”. In fact, put me down as “Let’s go Washington”.

    • Trump did quite a bit in rolling back excessive, overreaching Government, taking action on getting rid of NAFTA and GATT, actually rolling back government, something only Regan did, but … he needed to fire about half the bureaucrats and government alphabet agencies. And didn’t seem to know he was replacing swamp creatures with more swamp creatures! As in FBI director Wray. He definitely got slowed / bogged down with everything that was continuously thrown at him, but at the vary least, he got all the other swamp creatures to crawl out from underneath their rocks to attack him , thus also exposing themselves. The rest of the bunch is a horrid set of criminals, only able to hold office because the opposition party couldn’t field anyone better, and unfortunately Third party candidates can never win the presidential contest. Seriously, Dole, McCain, Mick Romney from the Republican party, ignoring the likes of Allen Keys, Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul, etc… And two war mongering Bushes, who should have not run being the whole family being disqualified by Prescott Bushe’s treason.
      Democrats could have at least fielded Tulsi Gapard, who had personal integrity and a good head on her shoulders…. but they wanted a puppet for Obama’s third term. We are now being run by the State Dept. CFR. UN and all those Globalist groups, like the Build-a-burgers mixed in . We cant survive three more years of this, but maybe will stand a chance if we can vote most of them out this year… but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. So then, by his own definition: Biden and Fauci are “terror threats”. They have successfully destroyed any credibility the government had. It is odd and hypocritical, how psychopaths like to project their own evil onto innocent people and then punish them and call themselves the victim of said innocent people. I think it is akin to the way psychopaths always resort to= ‘victim blaming’.

  9. Bolsheviks have seized our government. Your vote doesnt count, just those that count the vote. And we already have our first Pogram, under direction of Nancy Pelosi.

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