Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Industry Teetering on Brink of Financial Collapse As Consumers Reject His Vision

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Bill Gates left reeling after McDonald's ditches fake meat

Bill Gates’ synthetic meat industry is teetering on the brink of financial collapse as consumers continue to reject fake meat, with major companies announcing massive layoffs after experiencing plummeting sales. The people have spoken and they are demanding real meat.

Fake meat products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, both heavily backed by Bill Gates, advertise their products as healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives to beef. Both companies soared in popularity in 2019 when they began selling their products with massive fast food chains. However, the trend was short-lived as consumers quickly turned off the fake produce, resulting in Impossible Foods admitting it was forced to lay off 20% of its staff.

The announcement came just months after Bill Gates’ other fake meat company, Beyond Meat, announced plans to cut a fifth of its own workforce, according to Bloomberg.

Beyond Meat executives blamed the company’s declining sales from 2021 to 2022 on consumers’ decreased appetite for meat substitutes, according to Axios.

It is just the latest blow for Bill Gates and his plan to force the Western world to completely replace beef with synthetic substitutes.

Gates was left reeling in July last year when McDonald’s announced they were ditching their ‘fake meat’ project due to the public’s dislike of the meatless burgers.

In November 2021, McDonald’s began testing the meat-free McPlant burger in eight restaurants across America. In February this year, McDonald’s then rolled out the McPlant burger at 600 additional locations. According to reports, the experiment ended as a complete failure.

In a recent note, JP Morgan analyst Ken Goldman cited employees from McDonald’s revealing that the public hated the burger.

“Consensus contemplates 21 percent growth for BYND’s total top line this year, followed by another 25 percent next year. These rates will not be easy to hit, in our view, without [McDonald’s] in the U.S.,” Goldman declared.

In July last year a panel of scientists also expressed “serious safety concerns” about Bill Gates’ plan to “revolutionize the future of food” by taking traditional meat off the table and replacing it with “lab-grown meat“, which is produced by taking biopsied stem cells from a living animal and using them to grow meat in a biolaboratory.

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