Bill Gates Says He’s Baffled By Conspiracy Theories About Him & Covid Jabs

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Bill Gates

Micrsoft founder Bill Gates has, once again, claimed shock and bewilerment over the voulme of “evil” conspiracy theories circulating about him and US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci .

During a Twitter interview with Professor Devi Sridhar, head of the Global Health Governance Programme, Gates said he cannot understand why some theorists think he could want to inject people with microchips.

The multibillionaire said people like himself and Tony Fauci had been subject to a lot of misinformation.

“I didn’t expect that. Some of it, like me putting chips in arms, doesn’t make sense to me – why would I want to do that?” He said

The Independent reports: Through his private charity, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr Gates has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Covid-19 research, including for vaccine development. As a side effect, this has earned him the attention of online conspiracy theorists, many of whom believe (falsely) that Covid vaccines secretly contain microscopic computer chips that Mr Gates uses to control people.

In reality, no such computer chips exist, and all three of the Covid vaccines authorized in the United States have proven extremely safe and effective. (Really?.i though we were still waiting for the FDA to release the data on the pfizer jabs)

Perhaps one measure of how far the microchip fantasy has spread is that Mr Gates was forced to talk about it. Professor Sridhar brought up the issue in a question.

“One major problem has been online misinformation on Facebook & other platforms around vaccines, masks and other interventions,” the public health expert said. “How do we deal with this challenge?”

Mr Gates did not offer a specific solution.

“Trusted authorities like @WHO [the World Health Organization] and @CDCgov [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] need more resources to see the pandemic early (surveillance) and to communicate better,” the philanthropist said. “Social media got behind on trying to get factual information out – there will be a lot of debate about how to do better on that.”

For her final question, Professor Sridhar asked Mr Gates “what everyone wants to know – how and when will the pandemic be over?”

On this subject, the Microsoft founder offered some cautious optimism. While the Omicron variant is wreaking havoc on countries right now, he said, in the long run it may provide some valuable immunity.

“Once Omicron goes through a country then the rest of the year should see far fewer cases so Covid can be treated more like seasonal flu,” Mr Gates said. “A more transmissive variant is not likely but we have been surprised a lot during this pandemic. Omicron will create a lot of immunity at least for the next year.

However, the billionaire finished the interview with an ominous note about “the next pandemic.”

“We can do a lot better next time!!” he said.


  1. I have never thought he was putting chips in the arm, that’s a misdirection. He did say on video vaccines would be used to lower the population. He’s a liar.

  2. 3 egregious errors in the very first sentence. Wtf is going on here? Do you not proofread your articles before you publish them?

    Micrsoft founder Bill Gates has, once again, claimed shock and bewilerment over the voulme

  3. What is not helping his case was that he said in-front of the whole world that there are to many people on this planet and that vaccines will help to reduce the number.

  4. There’s a long piece on SNOPES that attempts to debunk the idea that the CIA created or at least weaponized the term ‘Conspiracy Theory, or Theorist’ without actually denying the possibility. The idea was actually thoroughly researched by a UT researcher and the results published in a peer-reviewed book. According to the book the CIA took up the term as a way to deflect from criticisms of the thoroughly flawed Warren Commission reports. It stuck and now it’s leveled at any counter-narratives.. Gates just loved those questions! What better way to dismiss theories about his actual conspiracies than to quote the most ludicrous or otherwise improbable ones?

  5. Yeah, gates, you’re so misunderstood. No, you’re a sociopath, concerned with population reduction.

  6. He never invented Microsoft. And that odd couple are well experiienced in acting the part of the humble man and woman married with kiddies So normal and DTE. Such aoad of it. We all saw you Jill telling that lecture theatre full of agents how you planned to use vaccines to reduce global population. We’ve seen it.

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