BLM Crash Louisville and Demand Kentucky Derby Canceled, Crowd of Fed-Up Patriots Push Back

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Black Lives Matter protesters descended on Louisville on Saturday to protest the Kentucky Derby, demanding the cancelation of the event to protest racial justice.

But unlike in other cities, the BLM protesters did not have things their own way, as a huge crowd of patriots with guns and US flags showed up to ensure the show goes on and lend their support for the police.

The Courier Journal reports:

About 150 people converged on the Kentucky Derby Festival office on Third Street in downtown Louisville. Several cried “No justice, no Derby.” 

As an armed group of self-described “patriots” arrived in downtown Louisville, they were greeted by a group of Breonna Taylor protesters, with some armed, chanting “say her name: Breonna Taylor.

The armed group, which had met earlier at Cox Park, responded by chanting “back the blue” and “U-S-A.”

Louisville locals are not happy about the appearance of BLM protesters in their city.

The BLM protesters were met by a group of peaceful counter-protesters who stand for God and country. The counter BLM protesters shouted “Back the Blue” in reference to their support for police officers.

The counter-protesters to BLM protesters are directed to stay off the streets and on the sidewalks:

Unusually for BLM, there are just as many ‘Back the Blue’ peaceful protesters as BLM protesters. That’s good news for Louisville and good news for the Kentucky Derby.

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