BLM Rioters Whine About Police Not Saving Them As Fed Up Patriots Beat Sh*t Out of Them

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Portland was a battleground on Saturday as fed up patriots decided enough is enough and turned on the militant left Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters that have been plaguing the city in recent months.

In one of the more entertaining videos to come out of the chaos, a Black Lives Matter radical can be heard complaining about how the police are “just standing there” as the violent leftists got their butts handed to them by the patriots.

The day was filled with violence, as both sides fired off pepper spray, projectiles and took swings at the other. For once, the patriots actually outnumbered the organized violent left.

When the cops are gone, you’re gonna deal with us,” one of the patriots can be heard warning the anti-cop leftists.

The patriots also destroyed the snack van that has been a staple at the Portland riots for the last few months.
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