British Media Blast Prince Andrew As He Steps Down From Public Duties

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British newspapers have blasted Jeffrey Epstein’s pal, Prince Andrew as he steps down from public duties

The Prince apologized to his Mother the Queen on Wednesday for bringing shame on the Royal Family

Forced to bow out of public life and kissing goodbye to his £249,000 royal allowance (taxpayers money), Andrew said his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had become a “major disruption”

RT reports: The Daily Mail described the prince as an outcast along with the subheading “Duke’s Disgrace,” after a “dramatic intervention” by the Queen. 

The Mirror depicted a grovelling son, with the words “I’m sorry mummy,” adding that the prince would now lose what the paper dubbed as “his £249,000 a year handout” for public services rendered, as businesses and charities alike distance themselves from him. They opted to juxtapose a shell-shocked photo of the Duke of York with a tender photograph of the Queen and much-loved naturist and documentarian David Attenborough. 

The Express opted for a more visceral headline, suggesting that Prince Andrew was “shamed into stepping down,” by a monarchy whose reputation has been badly damaged by the prince’s “friendship with a paedophile.”

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