British Newspaper Encourages Single Women to Go Hiking Alone in Morocco

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British newspaper recommends single women backpack around Morocco

A British newspaper has shamefully encouraged single women to “travel solo” to Morocco in honor of “International Women’s Day,” just three months after two women were savagely beheaded by ISIS terrorists.

British paper The Indepenedent shared an article Tuesday, titled “International Women’s Day: 10 of the best female-only trips for solo travellers,” and listed “Hike in Morocco” as their first recommendation:

Intrepid Travel has launched new limited edition women’s expeditions, which are all about “breaking down barriers, fostering discussion and creating immersive local experiences for women that are ordinarily off limits on our regular group departures”.

Its Morocco Women’s Expedition is an off-map hiking adventure starting in Marrakech and going via the Bougmez Valley and the foothills of Azourki, before travellers get the chance to visit a women’s rug-weaving co-op in Talsanant. An eight-day tour costs £675pp, including seven nights’ B&B accommodation, four lunches, five dinners, transfers and a range of activities, from a local folklore workshop to a Berber makeup workshop.

Information Liberation reports: The original article contained an affiliate link to Intrepid Travel’s 675-pound “Morocco Women’s Expedition” package, meaning The Independent will make additional money off every woman who signs up for their package on top of the money they’re already making off advertising.

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