British PM Refuses To Withdraw Support For Saudi Arabia

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British PM Refuses To Withdraw Support For Saudi Arabia

The British Prime Minister has refused to withdraw her support for UK weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.

Theresa May also refused to withdraw support for Saudi Arabia’s place on the UN Human Rights Council despite the Kingdoms atrocities in Yemen.

During a debate at the House of Commons in Parliament on Wednesday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn confronted May over Saudi violations and called for an end to the weapons sales (see video below)

Press TV reports:

“The issues are being investigated… We are very clear that the only solution that is going to work for Yemen is actually to make sure that we have the political solution that will give stability in Yemen,” May told Corbyn and the parliamentarians.

Instead of answering the direct question, May spoke about the UK government’s contribution to the humanitarian aid provided to the crisis-torn country.

Corbyn also questioned May’s support for Saudi Arabia’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council. A crucial vote on the membership of Riyadh in the council will take place later this month.

London has repeatedly been blamed by human rights groups, including Oxfam and Amnesty International, for fueling the Yemeni war by supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons.

Since the conflict began last year, the British government has approved more than £3 billion ($3.7 billion) in arms sales to the Saudis and military contractors hope more deals are in the pipeline.

Yemen has been under almost daily airstrikes by Saudi Arabia since March 2015. International sources put the death toll from the aggression at almost 10,000.

Rights groups have also condemned the Kingdom’s crackdown on dissent and prosecution of pro-reform activists.

Youtube video by Middle East Eye

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