Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost In A World of Illuminati Control

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Even the most devout Britney Spears fan has a tinge of sadness when they think about her “breakdown” years ago – they all know – heck, we all know – that she was trying to break out of her control… and, sadly, she lost.

In an article by ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE called “Britney Spears, Her Handlers, & Emotional Manipulation[1] he talks about the little girl who never had a chance to escape.

Luebke says:

Britney Spears is being sued by a character named Sam Lufti. Disturbing stories and testimonies are surfacing about the pop star’s life. She’s worth $100 million, but is she a free person?

Huffington Post had a shocking headline this morning. I usually avoid articles about Britney Spears, but this one grabbed me, and reminded me of a strange little video I’d seen a few months ago (at bottom of page). From said article:

Now the case is set to go to trial and Lourdes Torres, a former nanny for Britney’s children, is going to testify that the singer has been emotionally manipulated throughout her court-mandated conservatorship, reports RadarOnline.

Torres was a nanny for Britney’s two sons in the months after the conservatorship was instated in 2008, and will testify to witnessing emotional manipulation, and will claim that she quit her job because she was “so disturbed” by what she saw happening to the singer.

The headline read, “Ex Nanny To Testify In Sam Lufti Trial That Singer Was ‘Emotionally Manipulated’ By Handlers”. The article goes on to describe abuses as, “Mr Lufti has drugged Britney. … He has cut her home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He yells at her. He claims to control everything — Britney’s business manager, her attorneys and the security guards at the gate.”

Do all celebrities have “handlers” like this? How much of their lives do they sign away to make millions? Are child stars treated like this, especially when absent from their parents? Was Britney Spears abused as a child star? Did it create her multiple personality disorder and cause, later on, her mental breakdown?

There have been many reports and stories of mind control coming out of Hollywood. Just beyond the television screen is a very nasty, wicked place. Not the dazzling dream it seems. The worst of all, it seems, is the gross mental and physical and sexual abuse of child stars, as told by Corey Feldman.

It seems like she’s now living in a physical and emotional prison. Is this a look behind the glittering doors of Hollywood fame and the American Dream? Another question, Who is Sam Lufti? From most accounts, he seems like an all-American asshole. This article describes him doling out Britney’s medication for her as she suffered her mental breakdown. Who put him in charge of her, anyway?

Also says Lufti has had more than one restraining order placed on him during the past decade after he’d been verbally abusive and threatening violence to a neighbor, and later on a friend.

Ultimately, who cares? Really, this article was meant as a lead-in to this very intriguing video. I find it chilling..




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