Bryan Singer Deletes Twitter Amid Child Sexual Assault Allegations

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Bryan Singer deletes his Twitter account amid sexual assault allegations

Hollywood director Bryan Singer has deleted his Twitter account and walked off the set of his latest film amid allegations of child sexual assault. 

The X-Men director has, in two lawsuits, been accused of sexual misconduct against minors. reports: Now, as the Harvey Weinstein scandal opens the floodgates of sexual assault accusations in Hollywood, Singer has deleted his Twitter account, and articles about his alleged misconduct have disappeared online.

When the Weinstein story broke, Singer’s name was flung around as many wondered if he, too, would feel the wrath of of victims stepping forward.

This discussion was brought on by a disappointment with the way Singer’s suits had ended. The first, in 1997, was dismissed due to insufficient evidence, the second was withdrawn, and the third was dismissed at the accuser’s request.

On 1 November, a man named Justin Smith took to Twitter to detail his own experience with the director.

The tweets detailed how Singer moved around with a “posse” of older “50 – 70 year old men” and “boys” of ages 16 and 17. One night, Smith claimed, Singer sexually assaulted him.

“I guarantee the stories of the young men who say they were raped are true,” Smith wrote.

The account was quickly deleted after the thread, though the full text can be found on The Daily Wire.

To add to the strange silence surrounding the filmmaker’s accusers, Reddit users this week noticed how articles on Singer were removed from multiple publications.

Yahoo article titled “Bryan Singer again accused of sexual misconduct” was removed. The Hollywood Gossip‘s “Bryan Singer: Accused AGAIN of Molestation!”, too, was removed. A GIF showing these and other removals can be found here.

While none of these events would seem odd individually, the active quiet around the issue has not warmed the public to the possibility of Singer’s innocence.

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