Space Agency: Alien Spacecraft Just Entered Earth’s Atmosphere

Fact checked
Alien aircraft caught entering Earth's atmosphere

A space agency that closely monitors ionization trails of meteors coming into Earths atmosphere has announced the detection of an alien spacecraft entering the Earth’s atmosphere. 

According to BPEarthWatch, a huge object was picked up slowly entering the Earth’s atmosphere on national radar on the evening of December 2nd.

According to a spokesperson at the agency: “when a meteors or ‘object’ hit the Earth’s upper atmosphere, their signatures are detected electronically by a VHF transmitter and receiver system.” reports: The system bounces a signal off of the Earth’s ionosphere where it can identify the “ionization trail” of any incoming object which then can be converted to tangible data.

BPEarthWatch maintains that last night’s signal did not contain what is known as “Sporadic E,” a false signal which can only found during the summer months.

“What you saw earlier was very different. Something was coming in and it was very large and took a long time to come in,” the channel’s operator explained.

“Something was not normal. I’m not sure what it was. […] There are no meteors that are that large that would come into the Earth with a signal that would last that long.”

Some speculate the radar echo may have been a “rocket launch” or a “UFO.”

Here is the actual data which came in on Saturday night:


  1. ” The four greatest lies ever perpetuated upon Humanity by the psychopaths are 1st. The Cold War, 2nd. The War On Drugs, 3rd. The War On Terror, 4th. The War On Aliens. The Alien Card is the final Card, We are going to have to build Space Based Weapons against Aliens, and all of it a Lie.” Dr. Wernher Von Braun, Developer of the V2 Rocket, Former Nazi Scientist, Original Head of NASA, as he lay dying on his Deathbed, to assistant Dr. Carol Rosin: 1977

  2. There are no Alien Spacecraft entering Earths atmosphere. There are no Alien Races allowed to come into our Solar System without a special invitation and I can assure you that won’t happen unless the Earth is under attack. Being there are only 2 known Alien Races that even have a shot at taking us on and they don’t even really care anything about us, that just won’t happen.

    Given that, it could have been an SOC ship they saw, but usually SOC ships do not come into the atmosphere. Also, our SOC ships do not leave an ion trail thru the ionosphere. The only way current Earth technology could detect an SOC ship would be if it shut off the system that cloaks it from the human eye and current Earth Technology.

    My best guess would be one of many barely able to function satellites that are in orbit came down or a larger chunk of space debris. There are so many satellites in orbit now, virtually every nation has one and some of them you have to wonder how they are able to stay in orbit with the shoddy workmanship and substandard technology. All you have to do is make one, fill out the forms stating where it will go and pay NASA to put it into Space for you. Or, you can pay Russia or one of several other Nations that launch Satellites into space.

  3. it’s just that…. We are all searching in the wrong place, because this evidence you have presented….. will be added to the other evidence that’s already been added.

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