Food Shortages May Cause 20 Million African Migrants To Enter Europe Italy’s Salvini Warns

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matteo salvini

If the war in Ukraine doesn’t end soon, chronic food shortages will cause an immigration crisis that will result in 20 million African migrants trying to enter Europe, according to Italian politician Matteo Salvini.

The League party leader warned that “significant hunger is expected on the African continent, which will be a humanitarian, then a social, and finally an Italian problem” if Ukrainian grain supplies continues to be impacted.

He added : “Without peace there will be famine in the autumn and 20 million Africans will be ready to go”.

Summit News reports: Salvini predicts that a new migrant crisis will unfold if a ceasefire and subsequent peace isn’t achieved by the end of this month, noting that this was “essential for Ukraine, Russia and Italy as well.”

Italy’s former Minister of the Interior is urgently asking for a meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who recently returned from a meeting with Joe Biden, to push the issue of a ceasefire.

Salvini said that European countries pouring weapons into the region was making peace an increasingly distant possibility.

“If 80 billion euros are spent on weapons in Europe, it will be difficult to achieve peace, the more weapons there are, the more distant peace will get,” he warned.

“There are those in Europe who are in favor of war, but Italy, France and Germany must act for peace,” he added, speaking out against Italy sending a third arms shipment to Ukraine.

Ukraine was the world’s 6th largest exporter of wheat before the war began.


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  2. A new take on the old adage “Build it and they will come”.. Now it’s “Destroy it and they will leave (migrate)”

  3. Guess Italy doesn’t have enough illegals.. So manufacture a famine, and transport the hungry to Europe where they will be fed, while the citizens watch there own starve…

  4. I have often wonder with all the money going to these places why didn’t any of them start producing their own food supply. It is kind of hard to feel sorry for any of these Countries.

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