Study By Leading Cardiologist Exposes ‘Pandemic Of Misinformation’

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Dr Malhotra pandemci study

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a leading consultant cardiologist has demanded that the serious side-effects of the covid jabs are fully investigated and that raw trial data from Pfizer’s vaccine trial are released for independent analysis.

Dr Malhotra is not an anti vaxxer by any means and was actually one of the first people in the UK to take two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine while promoting them live on television.

He now says however, that since the rollout of the vaccine, the evidence of its effectiveness and true rates of its adverse events has changed. (or as many others have long suggested…there was no change, it was the same all along)

In August he wrote an open letter to the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden calling for the immediate release of the raw data from Pfizer’s original Covid-19 vaccine trial.

Then, last month he made what he called ‘the most important announcement’ of his life and career in a post linking to his two-part research paper.

Entitled “Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine”, real-world data reveal that suggests a greater risk of suffering a serious adverse event from the vaccine than being hospitalised with the covid virus.

In the following video he joins Dan Wootton on GB TV to discuss the new Covid study

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