Cameron Slams Jeremy Corbyn For Comparing US To ISIS

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PM criticises Mr Corbyn for comparing ISIS atrocities to US military attacks during Iraq war

Jeremy Corbyn

David Cameron warns that Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to Britain who would lower their standing in the world

The Prime Minister said that the Corbyn’s stance on foreign affairs would make the UK ‘less secure’ and alienate allies such as the United States. He also slammed Corbyn for his ‘attack’ on the US military.
Last year the Labour leader contenter compared ISIS atrocities to US military attacks during Iraq war. He referred to the attacks by IS in northern Iraq, saying: “Yes they are brutal, yes some of what they have done is quite appalling; likewise what the Americans did in Fallujah and other places is appalling.”

You can listen to his interview in the video below:

The Mail Online reports: Mr Cameron singled out Mr Corbyn’s call for Britain to leave Nato as a move that would weaken our defences. And he criticised the Left-winger’s extraordinary suggestion that the barbaric activities of Islamic State terrorists were comparable to those of American troops in Iraq.

The Tory leadership has remained almost silent during the Labour leadership contest, with senior Tories content to let Labour’s civil war dominate the headlines.

But asked about Mr Corbyn’s call for Labour to apologise for the Iraq war, Mr Cameron savaged the MP’s record on international affairs.

Speaking during a visit to Norwich yesterday, he said: ‘What Jeremy Corbyn does, is a matter for Jeremy Corbyn. My concern is that we do everything we can to protect and enhance the security of the United Kingdom.

‘And the idea that we’ll be stronger and more secure by leaving Nato, as Jeremy Corbyn suggests, or by comparing American soldiers to IS, I think this is absolutely the wrong approach and will make Britain less secure and that will never happen under my watch.’

Mr Corbyn has a long track record of opposing British and American military interventions around the world and is a campaigner for unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Critics accused him of being an apologist for Vladimir Putin after he said the Ukraine conflict had been ‘foisted upon’ Russia by the activities of Nato.

Ministers are concerned that Mr Corbyn could block a bid to win parliamentary approval to extend RAF bombing raids against Islamic State to its strongholds in Syria. Mr Cameron has said he will act only if he can achieve some degree of parliamentary consensus on military action.

Last month, Labour’s acting leader Harriet Harman indicated she was open to the idea if the Government came forward with serious proposals.

But Mr Corbyn, who voted against bombing IS in Iraq last year, has made it clear he would oppose the move.

‘Terrorist attacks on British citizens will not be prevented by bombing parts of Syria from 30,000 feet. The US is already bombing Syria and this has not stopped IS,’ he said.




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