Canada Legalizes ‘For-Profit Euthanasia’ for Parents Who Regret Having Their Baby

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Canada legalizes for-profit euthanasia for newborns

The WEF-infiltrated nation of Canada has announced plans to legalize ‘for profit euthanazia’ for toddlers and infants, paving the way for big businesses to open mass-suicide facilities for parents who regret giving birth.

WEF-funded Canadian physician Dr. Louis Roy is leading the way to relax Canada’s already radical assisted suicide laws, so that euthanazia can become as profitable as Big Pharma medicine.

From now on, infants that are deemed too burdensome for parents can be signed up for euthanasia, even though critics argue that a young child is not old enough to make this kind of decision. reports: Fulfilling what many worried would eventually become the case, MAiD appears to be a program for expanding infanticide rather than assisted suicide, also known as “death with dignity.”

By expanding the availability of euthanasia to babies, Canada is becoming a state-sanctioned baby-killing regime, all to exploit the valuable organs of healthy children for the organ harvesting trade.

“An infant is not self-aware and cannot ‘commit suicide,'” one report explains about the lunacy of expanding MAiD to include babies. “Infants want to live, eat and be held by their parents.”

Can a baby consent to assisted suicide? Hardly

Even so, at the recommendation of the Quebec College of Physicians, Canada’s MAiD program will now be expanded to include little kids. To hear Dr. Roy’s rationale for supporting this, check out the video below in which he explained his ideology to the Commons’ Special Joint Committee of Medical Assistance in Dying:

As you will see and hear, Dr. Roy believes that in cases where a child is born with “severe malformations,” it is not out of the question for that child to want to die rather than have to live an entire life with such problems.

At the same time, a child under one year of age cannot possibly consent to die, no matter how much he is spoon-fed the words by parents or a doctor. At what point does society draw a line on consent for “assistance in dying?”

“Instead of ‘assistance in dying,’ infants will be euthanized for the convenience of the parents and doctors who no longer want to deal with problematic babies,” one report explains.

The Quebec College of Physicians defends its support for the practice by claiming that some babies are suffering from “unbearable pain” that only assisted suicide can quell.

What is unclear from all the support, though, is how custodial situations work in which a child is handled by two different parents who may not both be in agreement that a child’s “pain” warrants assisted suicide.

Adults, the college says, can decide for these babes, this acting as a “safeguard” between the child and attending “physicians” who are ready and waiting to kill babies for profit.

One such doctor who loves performing assisted suicides is Dr. Stefanie Green, a MAiD enthusiast who has euthanized more than 300 people. At one time, Dr. Green provided beginning-of-life care – now she has switched to end-of-life “care.”

“One’s a delivery in. One’s a delivery out,” Dr. Green joked to CTV News in April 2022. “They’re similar in terms of they’re both incredibly intimate moments. They’re milestones in someone’s life. They are intense.”

Dr. Green says she gets a thrill out of taking a person’s life, describing the feeling as “intense emotions” as she administers death drugs or whatever protocol is being used at the time.

“If tired parents of a sickly child, exhausted from sleepless nights and medical expenses, visit a doctor like Stefanie Green, I expect that MAiD euthanasia will likely be approved and quickly performed,” one report warns.


  1. Canada has fallen to (((Marxist subversion))). (((Marxists))) whined and kvetched that Hitler euthanized the unhealthy and mentally handicapped and like true ((((hypocrites))) they do even worse. We need more immigration they say and they kill white babies and made it impossible for some white folks to afford having a 3 child family. YHWH smite these Satanic usurpers and cast them into Hell for eternity. This is not the Canada I was born in. That Canada was a paradise compared to this Zionist overthrown Canada. I know God is coming soon and these demons have scales in their eyes and can’t see they are Tares growing high for all to see.

    • You can’t even see for the dust from their propaganda. Canada is 85%Catholic except Alberta which is the reverse..
      Canada is English Crown Lands under Crown Law. The Queen made it plain in her first
      televised Xmas speech She owns Canada and the Canadians She owns it. Now Charles does.
      Youve got no idea at all really Your basically either a fraud a liar or clueless.

    • expanding organ harvesting ops to canada?

      according to Yoichi Shimats, gaza provides fresh meat for the illegal organ trade. “Israeli Army Preys On Gaza’s Premature
Babies For Organs To Rich Jews”

  2. Liberalism is a death cult and TRUDEAU is the leader of the dumb dumbs who cares about the UN and WEF only, and hates the Country and her people

    • It’s the perfect martiage of Church and Crown.
      The greatest threats to American democracy will come from Pope’s and Prince’s George Washington.
      Any person with the least clue off strategy sees perfectly clearly how North America became sandwiched between the Catholic Crown Canada and the Catholic Spanish Jesuit South. Surrounded entrapped
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      Anyway its been theatre of operations Hitler was a British Monarchist. He loved England. They all know at the highest levels They all know the. “people are TOTALLY fooled” Marilyn Monroe.
      Nothing is what it seems

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