Canada University Website Hacked by Islamic State Supporters

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A group of hackers, claiming to be the supporters of the Islamic State, allegedly hacked the website of the University of New Brunswick Student Union. According to the union, the website was hacked on Monday.

UNBSU spokesperson Nicole Saulnier said that the RCMP as well as the website provider had been “promptly contacted.” While the site was reportedly down for around two hours, the website featured texts which indicated that it had apparently been hacked by pro-IS hackers. “I love you ISIS,” the texts on the website said, “This time is a time of Islam and victory. And lift the injustice for Muslims and the elimination of America and the allies of the infidels.” The group also left its signature as “Hacked By Team System Dz” also appeared on the website, Toronto Sun reported.

According to Saulnier, the website might not have been a specific target by the group of hackers as the entire server had been hacked. The UNBSU President Greg Bailey said that the student union did not waste any time before contacting police. He said that there was “no threat to anyone on campus” as he called the incident “just an act of vandalism.” He said that it was no different from someone defacing the university office with spray paint. The act of “vandalism” was cleaned up in just two hours, according to Bailey.

The group of hackers, on the other hand, made it clear that it was no random attack. The university website was specifically targeted. The hackers, who belong to an Algerian Technology News Website, explained in an email that the Canadian university website had been targeted as Canada had become a part of the coalition against the Islamic State. The hacking group is apparently working on spreading the Arab youth’s vision to everyone in a peaceful manner.

CBC News reported that Canadian Prime Minister had earlier warned that IS jihadists might attack the country. Several other MPs echoed Harper’s warning on the issue. The House of Commons voted in favour of deploying Canadian troops in the Middle East as a part of the U.S.-led mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.


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