France Considers Mandating Covid Boosters For Vaccine Passport

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The French government is considering making a third dose of a covid vaccine mandatory in order for people to continue to qualify for the country’s vaccine passport.

The vaccine passport (health pass) is required to access many public spaces including cafes, bars, and restaurants.

The Pass Sanitaire vaccine passport system has already been extended by the National Assembly until at least next summer, and now the French government is mulling a requirement for a third jab.

The third dose requirement for vaccine passports has already been implemented in Israel and looks set to be rolled out across a number of other countries soon.

Breitbart reports: President Emmanuel Macron’s spokesman Gabriel Attal told the French broadcaster La Chaîne Info that no formal decision has been made on the requirement. However, Attal said that the idea is “gaining ground” as a means of increasing uptake of booster shots.

Currently, out of the six million people eligible for a third jab, only two million have come forward to take it.

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran said that the government will be looking to have at least 22 million citizens receive the third dose.

According to Public Health France data published by Le Parisien, 73.8 per cent of the French people have been fully vaccinated, with 75.7 per cent receiving at least one dose of a vaccine.

Following a meeting with the Pope on Monday, Prime Minister Jean Castex said that the government will look to the opinion of the HAS (French National Authority for Health) before making a decision. However, other reports have suggested that it will be up to the government to make the determination first.

“The question of suspending the vaccination pass for a third dose will be submitted to arbitration by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. Then, if it is validated, an opinion will be required from the HAS and the Scientific Council,” a government source told BMFTV.


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