Armed FBI Agents Raid Home Of Another Pro-Life Chritian, Arrest & Handcuff Him In Front Of His Kids

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Pro- life Christian Paul Vaughan was arrested and handcuffed in front of his children by FBI buffoons last week.

It appears that the Biden administration is unleashing the FBI against those that don’t vote for them.

The lastest shocking example is when they were sent to arrest the pro-life father of 11, charging him with “conspiracy against rights secured by the FACE Act, and committing FACE Act violations.”

The Daily Signal reports: Paul Vaughn of Centerville, Tennessee, told The Daily Signal in a Friday phone interview that FBI came to the door of his home, “guns pointed at the door, banging on the house, yelling and screaming, ‘Open up. FBI,’ that kind of thing. When I opened the door and saw the guns pointed at me, I asked them what they wanted, who they were looking for, and they said they wanted me.”

“I had kids in the yard walking out to get in the car to go to school, I was about to take them to school, and other kids in the house,” he continued. “So seeing that the easiest path to de-escalation was me in handcuffs, I stepped outside and put an end to the ranting and the banging and the yelling.”

After the FBI put him in handcuffs and in the car, he said, his wife came outside. She had been in the back of the house with their 18-month-old baby.

Video provided to The Daily Signal by Vaughn, taken by his wife, shows FBI agents outside the family’s home. Vaughn’s wife follows them, videotaping their conversation.

“I wanna know why you were banging on my door with a gun,” she says. “Are you not going to tell me anything?”

“No, we are not,” one agent replies, while another adds, “I tried.”

“No, you didn’t!” she shouts back. “You did not try.”

The FBI did not immediately respond to requests for comment for this story.

And this type of behaviour is becoming commonplace.

The news came amid national outcry over last months arrest of Mark Houck

Houck, Catholic father and pro-life activist was dramatically arrested by armed FBI agents in front of his family for allegedly pushing a pro-abortion activist who allegedly harassed his son.

The FBI reportedly raided his home with guns drawn as his family watched on in horror


  1. Law enforcement all display the public face of the authority for rule of law that empowers them. They directly personify his morality.

    • You still think that FR G GREGORY GAY the current superior general AKE THE BLACK POPE runs the world?,No one even knows who he is including yourself

    • Anti Christians take many forms “they in there hate Jesus and Christians” Pope Emeritus Benedict exposing the Vatican.

      • Sure, but 20-60 million is some kind of record. It’s the second biggest genocide of the past 200 years, and the biggest was communist China, after (((communists))) went to China to get them set up.

        Interestingly, they couldn’t just change their names to Chinese names and blend in. It’s a lot easier in white countries where you can change your name from Lev Davidovich Bronstein to Leon Trotsky to avoid being noticed as an invader.

      • I guess if you know about the NKVD you know about people like Yagoda, who was in charge of the Gulag genocide camps.

  2. Revel in it! the new martyrs! Maybe if they would stand up against deadly US aggression on weak brown mostly non-Christians they could have gotten martyred sooner.

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