China: Dog Meat Restauranteurs Savaged To Death By 25 Caged Alsatians

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The owner and four staff of China's most popular dog meat restaurant have fallen victim to a full on attack by "25 Alsatians" that were being "fattened in cages" behind the restaurant.

The owner and four staff members of China’s most popular dog meat restaurant have fallen victim to a dramatic full on attack by “at least 25 Alsatians” that were being “fattened in cages” behind the restaurant in preparation for their slaughter.

Fearing somebody was stealing the dogs, staff members of Wu Li Xiang Po restaurant in Shanghai, the nation’s most famous and respected “traditional dog meat restaurant”, left the kitchen and opened the “dog farm zone” after the dogs began barking ferociously.

However the staff members, including owner and head chef, discovered the cages had been unlocked and the dogs were roaming free. In the resulting panic, the five Chinese men were mauled to death by the Alsatians.

The five restauranteurs, including Zhang Yong, were ferociously attacked by at least twenty-five adult Alsatian dogs, leading to the death of all concerned inside minutes,” Shanghai’s Wen Hui Bao reported.

The incident occurred in the Xuhai suburb inside Shanghai’s restaurant district, a controversial location to be serving dog meat, as the local government had recently completed a probe into animal welfare and determined that dogs were being kept in “inhumane conditions, piled on top of each other like they were already dead, and fed an unnatural diet to fatten them for human consumption“, and mentioned Wu Li Xiang Po restaurant as the chief offender.

Despite recent protests outside the restaurant demanding they clean up their act, the restaurant, established in 1953, remained popular with locals who claimed their dog meat is “the most tender and fragrant in Shanghai.

Local rumors suggest a vigilante, or “friend of dog“, broke into the cages and set the dogs free, allowing them to savage the restaurant staff to death.

“It seems these restaurants don’t give a damn about the welfare of man’s best friend,” explained animal activist and spokesperson for PETA China, Bo Long, based in Beijing. “The deaths of these people are a shame, but the dogs are not to blame here. They were only doing what any animal would do, protecting themselves against their own murder.”

According to Wen Hui Ban, Shanghai police are investigating, and have refused to rule out manslaughter charges if the perpetrator who set the dogs free is found to have “operated with intent and malice against the restauranteurs.”

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  1. Note, who ever unlocked the cages was not savaged by the dogs. And looks like the dogs were not stupid and knew exactly who their enemy was…. wonder if they were beaten by these guys.

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