CIA Chief: ‘We Will EXECUTE Trump If He’s Found Guilty’

Fact checked
U.S. intelligence chiefs promise 'execution' for Trump if found guilty

Former CIA & NSA Director Michael Hayden has promised that Donald Trump will face execution if found guilty of espionage.

Hayden and MSNBC contributor Michael Beschloss both posted tweets on Thursday warning that the public need to get used to the idea of Donald Trump being executed.

Beschloss posted an image of the Rosenbergs from the 1950s, noting they were executed after being convicted for giving Moscow nuclear documents. reports: The tweet came days after the FBI raided Trump’s Florida home and just hours after it was revealed the agency was allegedly searching for documents related to “nuclear weapons.”

In response to the tweet, retired four-star general and former CIA/NSA Director Michael Hayden posted, “Sounds about right.”

In response to the news about potential nuclear-related documents in Trump’s possession, the 45th president issued a statement reading, “President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!”

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who recently told Americans the Deep State might try to kill Trump, posted a Fox News article about Hayden’s tweet.

“I told you it would come!” Kerik wrote.


  1. Hayden and the rest of his deep state cabal cronies are the ones who will be executed. They know this is coming & it’s why they’re so desperate to eliminate PDJT. Just like Haman in the Bible book of Esther; they will hang on the gallows they built to kill off God’s innocent people. BOOMERANG!

  2. All libs are unhinged, some more than others. If I were the secret service, I would ensure these ppl are jailed asap

    • High-level elements of the Secret Service were directly involved in the Kennedy assassination. What leads you to believe the situation has gotten any better since then?

  3. Russia Media is now saying the United States has an “ultra-totalitarian system.” The proof of this is coming out every day.

    • If you didbt ses it when Obama told you the Pope is the moral authority for rile of law then your stupid. Simple as .means you dont even understand how warfare works or even the world or the fact that the law is rule.

        • Sorry about the typos, but hackers get into my keyboard on this site and cause all sorts if misrepresentations typos spelling errors after I click send ,believe it or not ..rule of law Something idiots dont have clue about And frauds and liars try to pretend isnt the most important role in the world

      • The Pope is Jewish.

        The Noachide laws are the means by which Jewish ideologues plan to subordinate Christianity to Judaism before ultimately snuffing it out altogether.

        The Noahide Laws, which can condemn Christians to death, will be governed by the Zionists who are given ownership over these laws by both the Vatican and the U.S. Government.

  4. Totally catholic ,St Peters primary ,North Catholic High and Dusquerne universiry of the holy spirit . .He became the highest ranking member of military intelligence ever. He anointed Joseph Biden and claims that the Hunter laptop is Russian espionage
    He would be as thick as thieves with Pelosi .

    • Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit And their logo has the Guelph family Griffin in the centre Guelph is the REAL name of the
      Windsors Hence Guelph university in Canada.
      It can mean Oak ,which is a tree of sacred magic powers to occult or pagan believers .

    • You’ve been in direct combat for decades .You just havent realised because they media are corrupt Because they have won now they’re taking the spoils oscar by taking the rule of law as the prize that all warfare coverts first .That’s what the VICTOR claims. The title of moral authority for rule of law .

  5. All the media are full of **it .Only because I heard 1 lawyer explain that only Biden could have set that search up because if the way the law is written in order to prevent a sitting President taking revenge in a former president .Paradoxically, but they expected that a sitting President would have some scruples and morals and respect for the rule of law
    Anyone you see calling Trump the former president ,understand they hate him Every President bears the title President for the rest of their life That is the law Anyone calling Trump former president is part of the conspiracy against him.I have never seen such unbridled hatred as that from Pelosi when she committed the criminal offence of destroying the Presidents speech in front of the whole world ,for which any normal Speaker
    would have at the very least lost their job and even hobe to jail There is NO WAY a speaker can do that and have zero repercussions unless the entire government is totally corrupt TOTALLY
    Since that PROVES beyond all reasonable doubt that they are ,then irs VERY fair to assume that at some time since the last fbi visit yo mar a lagoon they have sent Inman undercover agent to plant material in the premises Only natural knowing them And since NO WITNESSES were allowed it would be easy as Especially when theyre all in it together.Which Speaker Pelosi proved to them all very blatantly so that none of them will dare oppose. Knowing that they’re up against completely criminal corrupt powers .

  6. BTW back to the law Biden and family are holidaying now in a 20 million dollar home owned by Virgin Maria Alwin .She has lent them the house for free She is not there They are not allowed to accept that form of gift It is against the law ,They have to pay the market values. They are not Maria is very very heavily engaged in channeling millions to them in all sorts of ways She runscaxlittle kiddies school when she certainly doesnt need the money from that little job and she certainly could be doing something, that mist people, would think suited her back ground .
    She s well worth your whole looking at. Very interesting to say the least .
    But ince again twt another BLATANT examole if rge Democrats being ABSOLUTELY above the law.

  7. Hayden is the true deep state traitor along with Clapper, Comey, Wray, Garland, and countless other IC operatives. We are just sheep to this CCP cabal…they will pay in the end.

  8. So, they’re going to make Trump an eternal martyr and sign their own death warrants at the same rime.

  9. My God, that Michael Gayden is still around? Mr. Egghead? Why do so many of these evil people all look so alike? You have Michael Gayden, Klaus Schwab, Dr. Evil. You have this egg head looking freak who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack talking about executing Trump? How about Trump stomps his boots into that egg head? Curb stomp him over and over until his egg head is broken open and his brains are scrambled like eggs.

  10. CIVIL WAR would happen and they know that and would never HANG at HIGH NOON hell would break loose BUT lets just say they did where would they bury him and how would they X him?

  11. In a day of space age A.I sound scanning Xray satellites sonar broadcast radar bear and fish disrupters used on humans cat&dog.GOD VIEW and endless high tech a PAPER trailer house full of old papers is the least of any leakage fears and as old as any papers that he had they would have been DECLASSIFED by now.They are onlty flexing their WOKE and de-arming any ANTI-WOKE-nesses by distractionals

  12. He is purposely asking for a civil war! In fact, I do believe some have already started the war, so they had better be very careful.

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