CNN Director Caught on Hidden Camera Admitting Climate Change is ‘Next Pandemic’ To Control the Masses

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A CNN director has been caught on hidden camera admitting the network has decided “climate change” will be the “next pandemic” because, in his words, “fear sells.”

According to CNN technical director Charlie Chester, the public are no longer scared of Covid-19 and the elites can no longer use it to control the masses. According to the director, the media need a “story” with “longevity.”

Project Veritas released a three-part series exposing Charlie Chester admitting CNN was “making up stories” to remove Trump from office.

According to Project Veritas, these secret recordings were made while Chester was on Tinder dates with an undercover Veritas journalist.

In the video, Chester can be heard saying that “the story of Covid-19” is coming to an end and CNN is ready to start selling the story of “climate change” and instilling “fear.”

When the undercover journalist asked Chester to define propaganda, he said: “For example, you can shape the perception of an entire people about anything, depending on how you do it. Just forcing a story to help your platform, you know?”

“A pandemic-like story that we will beat to death, but that has longevity, you know what I mean? As if it were a definitive end to the pandemic. It will reduce to a point where it is not a problem. Climate change will take years, so [CNN] will be able to promote that quite a bit.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Charlie Chester is a Zionist. Cleansing the world of Eaters and Christians is their goal leaving 500 million to serve the Judaist Ideology..

    • The elite aren’t all Jews There’s only a handful of elite Jews the majority aren’t Jewish. By far. There’s 75 million in one per cent There’s only about 60 million Jews in Total. And 98%of them are just ordinary poor people.

  2. That’s right They’re all fairy stories. All backed by the scientists and experts who all know rheyre lying. All taking the money. Whores.

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