CNN ‘Journalist’ Slams Israel: ‘The World Today Needs Hitler’

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CNN contributor praises Hitler, saying he did good with those Jews

CNN is facing fierce backlash after one of their contributors made several vile anti-Semitic statements on Monday.

The network was forced to fire contributor Adeel Raja after he responded to the escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine by tweeting, “The world today needs a Hitler.”

In a statement, CNN officials said Raja’s “reporting contributed to some newsgathering efforts from Islamabad.

“However, in light of these abhorrent statements, he will not be working with CNN again in any capacity.”

Raja’s now-deleted tweet appears to have been posted around 12:45 p.m. on Sunday. reports: Raja, who appears to be an ally of Palestine during the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, has shared several opinions on the matter via Twitter in recent days. On Saturday, he tweeted, “What the Jews are doing in Palestine is similar to what Indian Hindus are doing in Occupied Kashmir. Same tactics.”

A few days prior, the journalist responded to a tweet from former Vice President Mike Pence that read “America Stands with Israel,” saying, “A history of creating terrorists and standing with them!”

At least 188 Palestinians have been killed so far in Gaza, including 55 children and 33 women after a series of Sunday airstrikes that flattened three buildings in the area, according to the Associated Press. In Israel, at least eight have been pronounced dead, including a 5-year-old and a soldier. As of Saturday, more than 100 civilians were slain during the violence as the two sides have exchanged thousands of rockets since early last week.

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