Comey Melts Down! Lashes out at Attorney General as Spygate Probe Heats up

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Comey melts down as Spygate investigation heats up

Fired FBI Director James Comey suffered a public meltdown on Friday in response to President Trump’s threat to jail the perpetrators of the Spygate scandal.

On Friday Attorney General Bill Barr sat down for a FOX News interview where he admitted that it is very unusual to use opposition research to spy on a political opponent.

That same day, President Trump put the Spygate traitors on notice. reports: The President was very actively tweeting Friday morning and invoked one of his 2016 campaign war cries, “DRAIN THE SWAMP!” and then warning the fired FBI Director, “What happened is that Donald Trump won. Down goes Comey.”

And then President Trump tweeted a threat to the coup plotters! Trump warned the Obama deep state criminals that TREASON is a crime!

On Friday night fired FBI chief James Comey lashed out at the president and attorney general.

Comey had the nerve to tell the Attorney General the Department of Justice is based on “truth!”

And then an hour later Comey tweeted out a weak response to the President’s warning of treason…

James Comey and several others are in serious trouble. These anti-Trump deep state operatives tried to take out President Trump and failed. Now they are going to face justice