Computer Glitch Causes D.C., New York Flight Delays

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flight delays

According the Federal Aviation Administration, a computer problem at a Virginia air traffic control center led to significant flight delays on Saturday at airports in the Washington and New York City areas.

“The FAA is diagnosing an automation problem at an air traffic center in Leesburg, VA. Some flights into and out of the New York and Washington, DC metro area airports area may be delayed,” the authority said in a statement.

“We are directing high altitude traffic around the affected airspace.”

RT report: The affected airports include Baltimore-Washington International, Newark International, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, New York’s John F. Kennedy International, New York’s LaGuardia International, and Tampa International.

The issue at the control center was expected to be resolved by around 2 pm ET (1800 GMT).

“There are widespread impacts on airline flight operations throughout the regions,” Jonathan Dean, a spokesman for Baltimore’s airport, said adding that any takeoffs and landings at airports in the region are “extremely limited”.

At some airports departures were delayed by up to two hours as of 1:15 pm ET.

A power failure at the Virginia air traffic control center appears to have triggered the problem. The En Route Automation Modernization computer system, also known as ERAM, was affected as a result.


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