Conflict of Interest? Nadler’s Son Works for Firm Suing Trump

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Jerry Nadler's son exposed as working for firm currently suing President Trump

Democrat House Leader Jerry Nadler’s son works for a firm that is currently suing President Trump.

In what appears to be a major conflict of interest, Jerry’s son Michael Nadler got a job with Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP in 2018, according to a source who spoke with Big League Politics.

“That’s convenient because Jerry Nadler and the Democrats just won control of the House in 2018.  Gibson Dunn & Crutcher hire Jerry’s son and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher are the main Nemesis against Trump and the Trump Administration on numerous lawsuits.  Now the Nadler family will gain access to thousands of Trump documents via Jerry’s subpoenas!” the source said. reports: Michael Nadler’s LinkedIn profile also confirms that he works for the firm.

His bio on LinkedIn reads, “I am a litigator with extensive experience across a wide variety of civil matters in federal and state courts. I have first-chaired trials, taken and defended fact and expert depositions, conducted oral arguments, and drafted court papers ranging from dispositive motions in trial courts to appellate and amicus briefs in federal courts of appeal and the United States Supreme Court. In addition, I was recently honored with Sanctuary for Family’s 2017 Above and Beyond Award for “outstanding pro bono representation and advocacy” in recognition of my successful efforts in a multi-day bench trial.

Also included on his LinkedIn profile is him showing off his work done for radical New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as well as Eric Schneiderman who is the New York Attorney General who recently resigned after accusations came out that showed that he abused at least four women.

This is CLEARLY a conflict of interest for Nadler. Will he recuse himself? Probably not.

Nadler has been one of President Trump’s biggest critics in recent months and even suggested impeachment now that the Mueller investigation is over.

In mid-April, Nadler held a press conference where he announced that impeaching the president was “one possibility” however it is too early to tell.

“I think it was probably written with the intent of providing Congress a roadmap … with a lot of the redactions and others AG Barr appears to be trying to frustrate that effort,” Nadler also noted.

Mueller clearly stated that he had not enough evidence to accuse the President of obstruction of justice however Democrats like Nadler are trying to paint the picture that President Trump did obstruct. If Mueller was unable to prove obstruction, we should assume that the President did NOT obstruct justice considering he didn’t commit a crime in the first place.


  1. Hey Jerry, the NXIVM probe is getting closer. Sarah Bronfman can only supply you with liquor these days.

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